Job Title

Site Operations Manager

South Africa, Eastern Cape
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R745000 - R1200000 Per Month
Area: South Africa, Eastern Cape
Sector: Energy Services
Posted: 16 May 2024

Job Details

  • Daily management and planning with OEM Service Technicians and Area Service Manager
  • Direct all Wind Farm site operations for maintenance and repair, focusing on performance and profitability and within the KPI’s
  • Assist the OEM Service Technicians with job scheduling to optimize performance and within the assigned contractual scope of responsibilities
  • Compiling production and forecasting reports weekly, monthly and quarterly to CEO/General Manager and Directors
  • Management of day to day activities on site
  • Assist with the development, implementation, and compliance with established operating budget.
  • Management of contractors involved in (BOP) Balance of Plant Maintenance for Civil and Electrical Works
  • Monitor and Report on Performance of Wind Farm against power curve and advise (O&M) Operations & Management contractors on corrective action to be taken
  • Assist CEO in follow up operation issues and assist where necessary with troubleshooting and corrective measures
  • Work with CEO to implement, manage, update, and maintain wind farm procedures, site policies, training programs, and work practices, and develop and administer approved safety programs and related equipment
  • Managing prompt closure of field issues, interfacing with OEM engineering team on known issues and solutions
  • Supervision of Reliability Engineer and Interns on site
  • Ensure that all Health and Safety Policies and Acts are complied with to avoid incidents
  • Management of OEM and BOP Contractor relationships on site
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with all operational regulations and associated permits, including all applicable safety, health, and environmental regulations
  • Ensure that operational KPI’s are met and company rules are adhered to
  • Support and maintain local public and landowner relations, addressing concerns at community, local governmental, and regulatory body meetings
  • Schedule and oversee routine inspections and maintenance of turbines and associated infrastructure (e.g., substations, transmission lines) to prevent breakdowns and prolong equipment life.
  • Manage rapid response teams to address and resolve any mechanical or electrical failures as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.
  • Maintain a stock of essential spare parts and tools necessary for routine and urgent maintenance activities.
  • Develop and manage the annual budget for the wind farm operations, including forecasts for maintenance costs, staffing, and emergency funds.
  • Regularly review expenditures to ensure they stay within budget, identifying areas for cost reduction and efficiency improvements.
  • Compile and submit regular reports detailing operation metrics, uptime, maintenance activities, safety incidents, and compliance status.
  • Document any accidents or malfunctions, detailing causes, responses, and measures taken to prevent future occurrences.
  • Oversee the implementation of environmental management plans, including biodiversity conservation efforts and water use management, specific to South Africa’s environmental guidelines and the unique ecosystems where wind farms are located.
  • Analyze performance data to identify trends and areas for improvement in turbine efficiency, cost savings, or output maximization.
  • Stay informed about advancements in wind technology and assess the feasibility of implementing new systems or upgrades to enhance performance.
  • Work closely with Eskom and the Independent Power Producer (IPP) Office to ensure seamless grid integration. This involves adhering to grid codes, managing power purchase agreements (PPAs), and coordinating with the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) as required.

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