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IT Support Services Manager

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Sector: Mining / Petroleum
Posted: 22 January 2024

Job Details

Nature of employment: Permanent position

Reports to: Head of Supply Chain

Based at: TAU Mining Head Office, Woodmead, JHB.


Job purpose: manage IT support team. Ensure that all IT equipment is properly accounted for, effectively maintained, and procured within approved budget. Provide support to line managers and IT end users with regards to computer software and hardware. Manage IT risks and threats by ensuring that firewall and other security programs in use are up to date and effective.  Manage the implementation of IT infrastructure and smooth operation of all related systems at all projects/ pay points, oversee the implementation of all IT projects and services. Create and implement IT end user policies and procedures and monitor compliance with same.


Key performance areas:


  1. IT Asset management


       Hardware Assessment and IT register

  • Conducting an inspection of all applicable current assets (including but not limited to computers, printers, sim cards and biometric clocking devices) at all operations and/or offices, in conjunction with the Stores team & Head of Procurement.
  • Ensure that all the IT assets are properly accounted for on an IT Asset register, with detailed information for each computer and or device (Make, model, Specification)
  • Prepare and present a report to the CEO and Head of Procurement with recommendations, after assessment, regarding computers that are still serviceable, and which should be replaced.
  • Draft and agree with Head of Procurement on a disposal plan and procedure for computers that should be removed from service.
  • Create user allocation/issue form where each user acknowledges receipt of the IT equipment received.
  • Ensure that user allocation is updated on the asset register.


  1. Budgeting and procurement of IT Equipment
  • Liaise with the Head of Procurement and HR Director on IT requirements, especially for a new project in the Northern Cape.
  • Generate IT budget based on the above information and obtain quotes from different suppliers to present to the Head of Procurement and CEO.
  • Ensure that the above equipment is timeously sourced and supplied once the budget is approved and that the approved IT Budget is adhered to.


  1. IT Infrastructure
  • Manage the implementation of IT infrastructure and services at the new Gamsberg project (including biometric time and attendance systems) as per agreed deadlines.
  • Frequent travel to the above project to ensure achievement of the aforementioned.
  • Assist with IT infrastructure at other offices and or/projects as requested.


  1. Policies and procedures/IT Security
  • Setting up Firewalls/ security software and parameters. Conduct testing to ensure that a high level of IT Security is always maintained.
  • Generate IT policies and procedures for approval by Head of Procurement and CEO.
  • Ensure that approved IT policies are implemented and monitor compliance by end users in conjunction with the Head of Procurement and HR Department.


      5. Time and Attendance systems

  • Assist with the implementation and completion of the Sage 300 people/ERS interfacing project and that the go-live and smooth running of the system is achieved as per project plan.


  1. User accounts
  • Administer new user accounts, set up user rights.
  • Assist to ensure that all user software is properly set up and running smoothly.
  • Aid and support to end users to resolve any IT related challenges or systems problems that may arise.


  1. Company website
  • Assist with the Company website re-construction/ upgrading.


  1. Management of IT service level agreements
  • Review current IT service level agreements and generate a schedule to manage expiry dates.
  • Monitor levels of performance and adherence from service providers to service level agreements.
  • Source new service providers where required and assist the Head of Procurement to conclude terms and conditions of new service level agreements.


Minimum Qualifications & Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree: Information Technology Management or similar N. Dip. preferably with B.Tech.
  • A+/MCSE (preferred, in addition to Diploma/Degree)
  • At least 8-10 years of IT experience in general end user support, networks, infrastructure establishment and systems trouble shooting.
  • Comprehensive experience in creating user rights allocations, documentation and IT related Policies and Procedures.
  • Must have at least 3-5 years’ experience in supervising a team of IT Support Administrators.
  • Valid code EB Driver’s license
  • Clean criminal record


Knowledge, Attitude, Skills and Abilities


  • Customer orientated and ability to train end users on using systems.
  • High level of energy, deadline driven and willing to work long hours.
  • Willingness to travel to projects during establishment and to support site teams.
  • Excellent knowledge of and comprehensive experience in installing, configuring, networks and troubleshooting Desktop Operating systems and Office applications.
  • Ability to establish meaningful, professional interpersonal relationships.
  • Excellent communication skills, which allow for troubleshooting and problem solving via oral and written communication. As OIT transitions into self-service and web support.
  • Ability to make decisions about scheduling, coverage and call distribution are critical. Significant responsibility for decisions and results typically affects the entire organization unit.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow up on multiple priorities simultaneously to accomplish all tasks without sacrificing quality. Ability to assess the information provided by Help Desk in troubleshooting and determining source of problem, either software or hardware.


Applicants who meet the minimum requirements may submit their CV.s by e-mail to: