Job Title

Logistics Manager

South Africa, Gauteng
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R50000 - R100000 Per Month
Area: South Africa, Gauteng
Sector: Automotive
Posted: 6 March 2024

Job Details

As a Logistics Manager overseeing large-scale car imports from wholesalers to various dealerships, your primary responsibilities include:

  1. Coordination: Facilitating the efficient movement of vehicles from wholesalers to designated dealerships, ensuring timely delivery and optimal distribution.

  2. Supply Chain Management: Managing the entire supply chain process, from procurement and transportation to inventory control and distribution, to ensure smooth operations.

  3. Logistics Planning: Developing comprehensive logistics strategies and plans to optimize transportation routes, minimize costs, and maximize efficiency.

  4. Vendor Management: Collaborating with wholesalers, transporters, and other third-party vendors to negotiate contracts, monitor performance, and ensure compliance with service agreements.

  5. Inventory Control: Implementing effective inventory management practices to maintain adequate stock levels at dealerships while minimizing excess inventory and associated costs.

  6. Compliance and Regulations: Ensuring adherence to all relevant regulations, customs requirements, and industry standards governing the import and distribution of vehicles.

  7. Team Leadership: Supervising a team of logistics professionals, providing guidance, training, and support to ensure operational excellence and achieve departmental goals.

  8. Continuous Improvement: Identifying areas for process optimization and cost reduction, implementing innovative solutions, and continuously monitoring performance metrics to drive continuous improvement initiatives.

Overall, your role as a Logistics Manager is crucial in orchestrating the seamless movement of cars from wholesalers to dealerships, ultimately contributing to the success of the automotive supply chain and the profitability of the business.