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South Africa, Gauteng
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Area: South Africa, Gauteng
Sector: Construction
Posted: 7 May 2024

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The Translator will play a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication between the company and Asian-speaking stakeholders, including clients, partners, and suppliers. The successful candidate will be responsible for translating a variety of documents, verbal communication, and technical materials related to construction projects.

Minimum Education Diploma in Translation, Linguistics or related field Fluency in both written and spoken Chinese/Mandarin and English is essential.

Additional Qualifications Bachelor’s degree in Translation, Linguistics, or a related field. – would be advantageous.

MINIMUM WORK EXPERIENCE Proven experience as a Translator in the construction industry, with a strong portfolio of successful translations. Familiarity with construction terminology and processes.


•Translate construction-related documents, contracts, reports, and other written materials from Chinese/Mandarin to English, ensuring accuracy      and clarity.
•Review and proofread translated materials to maintain high-quality standards.
•Act as an interpreter during meetings, conferences, and on-site visits, facilitating effective communication between Chinese-speaking and   English-speaking parties.
•Ensure accurate and timely interpretation of technical discussions, project updates, and other relevant conversations.
•Translate technical specifications, drawings, and other construction-related documents, maintaining precision in conveying technical details.
•Provide cultural insights and context to the team, helping to bridge cultural gaps and enhance collaboration between Chinese and English-     speaking stakeholders.
Collaborate with project teams, management, and other relevant departments to ensure accurate and timely translation of project-related materials.
•Coordinate with external translation services when necessary.
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills in both Chinese/Mandarin and English.
•Ability to convey technical information accurately and clearly.
•Meticulous attention to detail to ensure precise and error-free translations.
•Cultural understanding and sensitivity to effectively navigate cross-cultural communication challenges.