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Kwazulu Natal
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R15000 - R20000 Per Month
Sector: Manufacturing
Posted: 6 February 2024

Job Details

A promotional goods supplier is looking for an experienced Patternmaker to create manual patterns and digital patterns– either from scratch, or using existing pattern, for menswear and ladieswear. Sometimes you will work from a sample that has been provided by the client, but more often than not you will work from CAD’s.


  • Assign new pattern style number if a new pattern. Keep track of categories, so there are no accidental repeats or overlaps.
  • If a sample needs to be made – you might occasionally help cut the panels. You would need to liaise with two sample machinists with regards to sewing the garment, and help them with whatever queries they might have.
  • If sample requires outwork – you need to do position markers for these.
  • Once finished – you need to measure garment, check fit on dummy, check outwork positions, and general quality of sample. Make sure washcare, sample tag is on. Sample tag to be filled in by you. Sample tag to always be in same position on garments.
  • You will also have to make sure each sample spec sheet has correct information on for when we go into production, ie zip lengths, binding widths, etc.
  • Full size spec to be done at this stage.
  • Take garment to QA for a final check. There needs to be constant communication between you and them, so we know when to expect our samples back by.
  • Take photos of every sample to keep a record of how they look – please always make sure to also take photos of the smaller details – does the garment have side slits? How many buttons down buttonstand? Is there binding on the neckband?
  • Once garment has been signed off / approved – correct pattern to be given to grader to start grading and marker. There needs to be open channels of communication between you and grader, so that any issues that may arise, they get sorted out swiftly.
  • Once garment goes for production – you need to hand over signed off sample to the Production Coordinator of each brand, make sure they sign for it, please also track garment so it comes back to once production is done.
  • Assist as and when problems arise with Production.
  • You need to have a basic knowledge of how woven fabrics react vs knits, how to calculate and add shrinkage to denim fabrics, you will need to help with rating for costings purposes when needed
  • Ensure that each and every pattern has a signed-off sample and a full, correct spec.
  • The Patterns rails need to be neat and tidy at all times, as well as your workspace. Patterns are hung up alphabetically by brand, and needs to be kept this way
  • There needs to be open lines of communication between you and everyone else in Sample and Design, so everyone’s on the same page as far as final construction, details, etc go.


  • Basic knowledge of how woven fabrics react vs knits
  • Ability to calculate and add shrinkage to denim fabrics, you will need to help with rating for costings purposes when needed
  • Experience with digital patterns will be an advantage.