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Performance & Innovation Executive

Kwazulu Natal
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Posted: 29 January 2024

Job Details

The Performance Executive will be responsible for driving high impact performance enhancement interventions and innovations at all levels within the Group.

The Group encompasses multiple business units servicing global markets across debt collection, customer acquisition, customer service, and a range of other BPO services.

The incumbent will develop and utilise leading AI and statistical diagnostic tools to analyse performance across a wide range of contact centre campaigns. These will range from financial and collections performance of debtors’ books under management to customer service and sales-related outcomes.

Performance enhancement opportunities and innovations will likely be focused on collections strategies, customer segmentation, engagement channel optimisation, call script enhancements, alignment of organizational and team structures, remuneration and incentive schemes, training and development initiatives, internal communications, and management practices to optimize the performance of contact center agents and ensure the delivery of the KPIs stipulated by our clients.

The incumbent will further develop performance management frameworks to enable continuous assessment of our people and to maximize the impact of new initiatives aimed at continuous performance improvement.

The role requires extensive collaboration with HR, Operations, and Finance functions



Data Analytics and Insights Generation

  • Translate Business/campaign outcomes into actionable goals and develop appropriate performance measures and in-depth analytics to track progress against goals.
  • Extract data from various sources and convert it into meaningful information that can enhance the effectiveness of individual agents and campaigns.
  • Analyze existing reports/dashboards to ensure consistent information supply in the required format/frequency.
  • Add additional insight into existing or new reports/dashboards to allow the business to deliver value-added services or that translate into enhanced business efficiencies and/or performance.
  • Involvement in new projects/tasks, design and develop analytical solutions in line with business requirements and service ad-hoc requests for information within the required timeframe and specification.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

  • Work closely with the existing Managing Executives of the Group Business Units to gain a thorough understanding of key levers and drivers of success.
  • Introduce leading technologies, processes, and data practices and design and deliver performance-driven solutions for Group Business Units.
  • Provide appropriate insight to embed a dynamic culture of success, with strong goal orientation and focus on continuous improvement and ongoing business success.
  • Identify trendsetter ideas for adoption/implementation by researching relevant technologies and industries, as well as tracking thought leaders and their accomplishments.
  • Develop internal Group Performance thought leadership and establish credentials as a center of excellence.

Performance Management

  • Design and implement the Group-wide performance management/improvement programme.
  • Create reporting frameworks to enable measurement, monitoring, and management of people’s performance against defined benchmarks.
  • Ensure delivery of a high-performance culture and improved people engagement experiences within a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Drive a performance agenda which leverages high impact, cross functional teams which directly support business delivery.

 People/ BusinessEngagement

  • Understand what motivates people across all levels within the business and design custom interventions that enable retention and development strategies.
  • The incumbent must be able to contribute on an ongoing basis to the development and evolution of the group as well as the underlying entity’s value proposition to people and processes.
  • The incumbent must be able to work collaboratively to ensure that the performance strategy converts to results on the Operations floor. This will be a key measure of success.




  • Live the Company’s values
  • Must be driven by a deep desire to contribute to the performance of the organisation right down to a campaign and individual level.
  • Must fundamentally value people on an individual level and be committed to maximising the potential of every individual in the company.
  • The incumbent must be committed to continuous self-development, and growth in terms of industry-related updates, skills, and competency and in the areas of our business.
  • Display a positive work ethic by showing an interest in duties, including multi-tasking, and a willingness to do what is needed in an efficient manner.
  • Ensure an understanding of the various functional areas of the business and how each of these contributes to the implementation of the company strategy.


  • Guide the team in living the Company’s Values.
  • Build a high-performance team of highly engaged and empowered employees through mentoring, coaching and development, and ongoing feedback
  • Encourage open and honest relationships within the team.


  • Develop and maintain mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships based upon trust, respect, and achievement of common business goals.
  • Seek opportunities to work with a wide range of individuals to achieve common goals and better outcomes.
  • Consistently demonstrate respect and appreciation for others by valuing their time and contributions, being available and responsive to their needs.
  • Adapt personal leadership style/approach to influence others.
  • Stimulate others to take action and accomplish goals.
  • Understand how others perceive his/her actions, comments, and tone.
  • Seek constructive feedback and other opportunities for self-development.
  • Proactively and willingly accepts assistance.
  • Create an inclusive environment that upholds the culture of the business.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Relevant degree with a major in statistics, machine learning, and/or computer science
  • Experience in the implementation of continuous improvement and performance management frameworks
  • Experience in a similar role in high-performance environment

 Attributes/Skills Required/Sought

  • Strategic ability combined with creativity
  • Analytical thinker with excellent quantitative and superior problem-solving skills
  • Technology savvy with an enquiring mind, eager to explore new and emerging technologies
  • Visionary, with the ability to adopt and implement new technologies to achieve superior outcomes.
  • Project management
  • Influencing skills
  • Innovation
  • Strong organizational and planning skills
  • Consultative skills with a heightened level of listening ability
  • Ability to report and respect deadlines
  • Excellent written and verbal communication
  • Ability to confidently present findings to senior business stakeholders