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Warehouse Manager

Kwazulu Natal
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Sector: Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing
Posted: 29 January 2024

Job Details

Warehouse Manager


Job Overview: As a Warehouse Manager, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the timely and accurate distribution of our LED lighting products, as well as overseeing the total warehouse operations.


  1. Inventory Control
  • Maintain inventory control procedures to accurately track and manage LED lighting products, ensuring Granite processes are adhered to at all times.
  • Conduct regular cycle counts, audits, and reconciliation processes to minimize discrepancies.


  1. Order Fulfilment
  • Supervise the order picking, packing, and shipping processes to ensure timely and accurate fulfillment of customer orders.
  • Discuss with the dispatch manager about ways to make the deliveries more efficient.


  1. Warehouse Organization
  • Design and implement efficient warehouse layouts to maximize space utilization and streamline workflow.
  • Oversee product placement and storage to facilitate easy access and efficient retrieval.


  1. Team Leadership
  • Lead, motivate, and mentor warehouse staff to maintain a high level of productivity and morale.
  • Conduct regular team meetings to communicate goals, expectations, and operational updates.


  1. Safety Compliance
  • Enforce and promote a culture of safety within the warehouse, ensuring compliance with all relevant safety regulations.
  • Conduct regular safety training sessions and drills for warehouse personnel.


  1. Equipment Management
  • Ensure all equipment is in good working condition and address issues promptly. I.E, Solder Pens/Vehicles Etc.


  1. Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Collaborate with other departments, including procurement, sales, and customer service, to optimize communication and streamline processes.