Job Title

Maintenance Technician

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R25000 - R36111 Per Month
Sector: Manufacturing
Posted: 9 December 2023

Job Details

About us

Quiver Tree’s vision is to incorporate the acquisition and development of environmentally

sustainable lodging concepts across the globe to preserve and protect wild spaces.


Our Mission

To create a more sustainable world by preserving and protecting wild spaces through outdoor hospitality and entrepreneurship.


Your Role

The Maintenance Technician will support the daily operations and maintenance of the Fyred Wood Production Factory at our one site in the Limpopo region of South Africa. Duties include providing regular maintenance services to all machinery, trouble-shooting and repair of equipment and the provision of varying ad-hoc duties when required. The role will also require regular metal-works for building and installation of factory equipment. 

Responsible for

  1. Perform scheduled preventative maintenance on machinery and equipment.
  2. Perform regular maintenance checks on factory building and related infrastructure. 
  3. Oversee factory electrical system and machinery electricals. 
  4. Trouble-shoot and repair faulty machinery and equipment.
  5. Conduct of quality assurance checks.
  6. Following detailed metal-works designs to construct various factory equipment.  
  7. Management of critical spares as required for factory equipment. 
  8. Coordinate with suppliers for delivery / pick up of materials, equipment, parts. 
  9. Support to a wider team on general construction and maintenance tasks. 

Position Requirements

  1. Matric with minimum Math Literacy.
  2. Boiler-making experience, welding, cutting, shaping to detailed design specifications with at least 5 years experience in the field
  3. Strong verbal and written communicator, able to read, write and speak in English.  
  4. Attention to detail.
  5. Quality driven.
  6. Time conscious.
  1. Technical and mechanical skills minimum secondary school trained.
  2. Physical ability to complete job duties, which include standing for long periods, working in a space that lacks climate control and lifting heavy objects.  
  3. Be available for Saturday work.
  4. Must be able to follow instructions.
  5. Be willing to learn. 


Who you are

Signs you’d be a good fit:

  • A jack of all trades.
  • You often do tasks yourself to save time.
  • You require minimal support.
  • You are adaptable to change.
  • You enjoy learning new things. 


Signs you will not be a good fit:

  • You are unable to work without constant direction.
  • You require extensive written policies providing parameters around how you should do things at your job.
  • You do not like to do a task if you think a job is not part of your job description.
  • You struggle with frequent disruption.
  • You don’t perform well under pressure.
  • You are content to work with substandard equipment or machinery due to it being faulty. 
  • You can’t arrive on time for the workday


Compensation – dependant on experience