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AIP Maintenance Manager

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Sector: Construction
Posted: 12 January 2024

Job Details

Manage planning, implementation, coordination, quality control, stock control, safety, schedule compliance, growth and profitability Sasol Secunda site.


Stock:  Ensure control over stock holding 

·        Ensure weekly stock counts are done and compliance with company policy

·        Ensure minimum stock levels are complied with at all times

Fixed Assets: Ensure condition monitoring and control over Fixed Assets 

·        Ensure compliance with planned maintenance schedules

·        Ensure daily vehicles and equipment checklist are complied with and up to date at all times

·        Ensure all repairs identified and required are attended to as soon as possible.

·        Manage intercompany/regional asset transfer and ensure compliance with company policy

·        Ensure fit-for-use condition of assets at all times

·        Assess asset repair/replace requirements and make rent vs. buy recommendation to Exco

·        Ensure that the required physical and procedural controls are in place for the safe keeping of assets

Scaffold: Ensure control over Scaffold 

·        Manage scaffold counts twice per year and ensure reliability of count results

·        Monitor asset condition and make recommendation to Exco for scaffold replacement

·        Compile scaffolding utilisation plan for projects, maintenance and shut downs

·        Ensure compliance with scaffolding refurbishment legal requirements

·        Optimise own material scaffolding utilisation

·        Ensure on-time supply and delivery of scaffolding material

·        Ensure that the required physical and procedural controls are in place for the safe keeping of assets.

Asset Rentals

·        Find optimal utilisation of own assets regionally, inter-region and inter-company.

·        Make rent vs. buy recommendation to Exco on all asset types

·        Seek opportunities where unutilised assets can be rented to external customers

·        Limit asset rental cost


·        Supporting the implementation of specific Product Line(s) strategies.

·        Ensuring delivery of key business drivers (HSE, Profitability, Quality, Efficiency) for the Product Line within function and in alignment with client contract specifics and contract specific cost and profit parameters

·        Engaging with and providing direction to all product line team members under their direct report.

·        Communicating plans and objectives with various management levels

·        Seek high margin specialised services opportunities

·        Review annual budgets and seek cost savings and revenue growth opportunities

·        Identify, communicate and control top 3 cost and revenue drivers


·        Putting policies down on paper (or having them somewhere accessible digitally to employees)

·        Policy compliance should be demonstrated from the top down, setting the tone for employees in every role within the company, especially relevant to security protocol and procedures.

·         Remove compliance barriers spend time in the onboarding process for guidelines review and make sure your door is open to any inquiries regarding policies.

·        Include a checklist checking items off a list! If some internal processes require a certain sequence of events, a reminder in the form of a checklist will help team members stay clear on what’s required as well as provide a satisfying way of marking their progress for a project.

·        Use training as reinforcement

·        Stay up to date on laws and regulations

·        Make sure the whole team is following procedures

·        Conduct compliance audits regularly

·        Having an in depth knowledge and understanding of the client contract requirements.

Purchase Orders

·        Ensure generation of purchase orders to meet operational requirements and comply with policy and procedures

Business Development

Business Planning and Reporting:

·        Developing annual Product Line budgets in alignment with strategic plans.

·        Monitoring and reporting on performance against plan, making changes / corrective actions as required and evaluating results against plan.

·        Ensuring regular reviewing and reporting of progress in realisation of strategic plans, business plans and financial results.

Business Development:

  • Identifying, investigating, and negotiating new business opportunities, including enhancement and extension of existing contracts.
  • Building strong relationships with standalone customers to enhance Service Line sales.
  • Working with the Key Account Teams, who will identify and deliver the main customer base.

Staff Management and Performance:

  • Ensuring that there is sufficient and competent resources to satisfy on-going contract and project demand.
  • Leading, managing, and developing business unit staff. (nationally)
  • Ensuring that technical knowledge is retained and developed within team.



  • Ensure that all employees are fully competent and compliant
  • Ensure that employee information is accessible at all times
  • Ensure that all Safety Officers are SACPCMP certified
  • Ensure that all water jetting pump operators, water jetting operators and vacuum operator are SIR, SETA, etc. certified
  • Immediately notify 16.1 of any incident
  • Ensure that tools, equipment, vehicles, PPE and accessories are in safe working condition at all times
  • Be familiar with site / project specific safety requirements
  • Ensure that Policies and Procedure are updated according to changing SHERQ requirements
  • Protect 16.1 appointee risk at all times
  • Encourage stop/work authority and reporting of all incidents


  • Nominate and hold accountable Employment Equity Sub-committee for existing employee promotion opportunities, Personal Development Plan and External Recruitment aligned with Regional Employment Equity Targets
  • Participate in National Employment Equity meetings
  • Ensure that mandatory and non-mandatory training is done with accredited service providers to maximum number of scorecard points
  • Participate in identifying Corporate Social Investment Opportunities in the local community
  • Ensure compliance with client/contract and project specific local recruitment requirements
  • Participate in identifying and on-boarding Enterprise and Supplier Development entities


  • Ensure on-time recruitment of competent employees
  • Identify management level skills gaps and make training recommendations aligned with transformation targets
  • Manage annual leave to ensure rested employees and limited leave liability
  • Encourage employee/management open-door-policy
  • Identify DFL training needs and recommend training aligned with transformation targets
  • Engage with unions as-and-when required
  • Ensure that strike mitigation plan is reviewed regularly and updated as-and-when required
  • Ensure local maintenance and shutdown recruitment targets are adhered to
  • Ensure employees are informed of company policies and procedures and hard copies are available on request
  • Enforce disciplinary action aligned with company policy
  • Control head count aligned with employment contract provision and client contract requirements
  • Ensure shutdown human resource plan is compiled timeously and own resource and new recruit balance found.



Minimum of 15 years of experience in industrial services industry with bachelor’s degree in civil engineering/Structural Engineering or similar. Must have  Petrochemical Experience.

Education / Accreditation

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or similar and post graduate qualification in Management is preferred