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General Manager (Opencast Mining)

South Africa, Northern Cape
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Area: South Africa, Northern Cape
Sector: Mining / Petroleum
Posted: 22 March 2024

Job Details

Nature of employment:   Permanent contract for employment

Payroll category:             Monthly salaried staff

Reports to:                       CEO


Job purpose: to manage project execution in accordance with the stipulations and provisions of the commercial contract. Ensure that all KPI deliverables and performance objectives are met and that all sub-departmental activities are performed efficiently and within approved budgets. Lead the project team to plan, coordinate and direct all activities towards ensuring optimization of production and equipment availability & utilization, whilst adhering to applicable SOP’s and the provisions of the MHSA to establish a strong safety culture. Act as liaison with Client representatives to maintain good professional  relationships and a positive Company image.


Key performance areas:


  1. Delivery of Opencast Mining services


  • Manage all Production and Drill & Blast activities in conjunction with the Production manager allocated team to ensure that contractual targets are achieved and maintained.
  • Participate in mine planning and ensure that all activities are conducted in the designated mining areas, according to plan.
  • Address all mining related challenges and formulate plans for improvement.
  • Ensure that floor levels are maintained and ensure that Equipment is not exposed to damage.
  • Liaise with Blasting Service Provider and the Client in terms of all blasting activities and Blasting Plan. Assess powder factors and investigate/monitor blasting fragmentation; implement plans and techniques to improve blasting results.
  • Manage mining processes and activities according to standard operating procedures and legal requirements.
  • Ensure that mining equipment allocation and personnel activities are properly coordinated.
  • Optimize equipment (TMM) utilization to maximize output and minimize expenditure. Frequent cycle time studies to be performed.
  • Ensure that progress related to drilling meters and production volumes achieved vs. targets are reported by Line managers/supervisors at stipulated time intervals (per hour & per shift, etc.)
  • Effectively communicate with all relevant role players to ensure optimized production.
  • Implement agreed action and/or catch-up production plans if deviation from target occurs and ensure that revised targets are met within agreed timeframes.



  1. Create a Safe and Healthy Work Environment


  • Act as custodian and ensure that all work is performed in accordance with SHE standards, Legislation and applicable SOP’s.
  • Ensure that all legal appointments (MHSA) are timeously in place and duly authorized.
  • Liaise with the Safety Manager to monitor Safety trends and statistics. Implement remedial plans to address all areas of concern.
  • Participate in VFL’s and Safety/wellness campaigns to establish a strong safe work culture and lead by example.
  • Participate in audits and inspections to ensure that all safety instructions are properly communicated and that all incidents or risks are promptly and properly reported as per set procedures.
  • Ensure that proper pre-blast line up meetings are conducted, blasting plans communicated and all areas evacuated prior to blasting.
  • Ensure that emergency procedures are in place and adhered to.
  • All appropriate work instructions and standards are read, signed off and adhered to.
  • Safety meetings are scheduled and attended as per instruction.
  • Allocated area is always clean and good housekeeping practices are applied to ensure a hazard free environment.
  • HIRA/Mini HIRA/ SLAM/ JRA/ VFL/ PTO always applied correctly, and any safety and health related issues are reported.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is issued, used and maintained according to safety regulations and PPE budget.


  1. Engineering management (Earthmoving Equipment/TMM)


  • Ensure that the Engineering dept is well managed and that all machinery is properly maintained.
  • Ensure that all equipment is duly logged on the asset management system and that the system is accurately maintained.
  • Monitor Equipment availability and MTBF/ MTTR rates; to meet or exceed set targets. (85% availability to be maintained)
  • Provide support to the Engineering manager and team to address all business risks and/or areas of concern.
  • Monitor legal & safety compliance within engineering Department (ensure safe work procedures are adhered to).
  • Ensure that all equipment malfunctions or damages are timeously reported to the Maintenance team.


  1. Commercial, Social and Client Relationships


  • Study commercial contract document and variations/ addendums. Ensure compliance with contractual stipulations and obligations. Escalate all contractual matters of importance to top management for discussion and/or resolution.
  • Frequent engagement with Client representatives to ensure sound professional working relationship.
  • Attend all applicable scheduled daily/weekly and Ad hoc meetings with Client Representatives and present management reports.
  • Ensure that a positive, professional image of the Company is portrayed at all times.
  • Manage sub-contractors and ensure that service level agreements are adhered to.
  • Establish good relationships with community stakeholders, drive community projects and participate in events.


  1. Ensure effective Communication on Site:


  • Schedule and conduct fixed HOD meetings to ensure alignment with organizational goals and communicate project performance.
  • Proactively inform top management of any notable deviations regarding target achievement and financial or other anticipated risks; immediately escalate any matter of importance that requires higher level assistance or intervention.
  • Conduct frequent caucus meetings to keep employees informed of performance (actual vs target) and to facilitate proper communication on any related matter.
  • Distribute and manage communication in accordance with TAU Mining line communication principles.
  • Lead by example and encourage all employees to observe and exhibit TAU Mining company values and principles.


  1. Human Resources Responsibilities (To be performed in conjunction with the HR Dept & HOD’s)


  • Provide Leadership and direction to subordinates.
  • Ensure that all HR/IR related policies are implemented/ communicated and observed.
  • Monitor compliance with Labour Legislation.
  • Ensure that Employee representative committee is established and that monthly meetings are held.
  • Track and address all issued raised timeously.
  • Ensure that all Departments are adequately staffed at all times as per approved project complement. Liaise with HR Department to have all vacancies timeously filled and attend interviews for senior site-based positions.
  • Set, communicate and ensure that subordinates have job descriptions with KPA’s as applicable and that set KPA’s are achieved. Implement remedial action where necessary.
  • Act as mentor and advisor to subordinates, identify and motivate relevant training and development initiatives, perform succession planning.
  • Ensure that time & attendance and sick leave is properly managed. Leave rosters must be implemented and properly managed.
  • Ensure that overtime is planned, properly managed and pre-approved as per overtime procedure.
  • Monitor time spent by subordinates on the mine and ensure compliance with legal attendance parameters.
  • Manage discipline and initiate disciplinary action in line with applicable disciplinary procedures, where required.


  1. Finance, budgeting and reporting


  • Compile annual budgets for each Dept in conjunction with respective HOD’s and present to top management for approval.
  • Monitor and manage expenditure compared to budget in conjunction with the Finance Dept.
  • Implement remedial measures to reduce costs/ avoid deviation from budget or over-expenditure.
  • Manage survey and monthly project certificate; ensure that all documentation including KPI’s reports are timeously submitted to the client to process payment.
  • Track payment compared to invoices issued to ensure that all payments are timeously received.
  • Ensure proper Stock management and that all Procurement and Stores procedures are adhered to.
  • Ensure profitable execution of the project as per agreed margins.
  • Allocate resources tactically and efficiently to comply with time, quality, cost and fit for purpose requirements. Eliminate non-value adding activities.
  • Compile and present accurate monthly production and/or project reports.
  • Ensure that all required reports (all Departments) are submitted by stipulated/ established deadlines; internal and external (as per client requirements).
  • Identify and implement approved continuous improvement initiatives and measures to reduce operating costs and enhance efficiency and performance.


Minimum Job requirements:


  • Mining Degree or National Diploma in Mining Engineering (Preferred) with at least 8-10 years related Opencast Mining experience, of which at least 3-5 years must be in similar level role carrying applicable legal appointment.
  • Mine Manager’s Certificate of Competence (Preferred)
  • Grade 12
  • Surface / Opencast blasting certificate.
  • Competency A training
  • Code EB Driver’s license
  • Clean criminal record
  • Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Training (HIRAC)
  • Must have successfully completed Strata Control 2 course.


Knowledge, Attitude, Skills & Abilities:


  • Comprehensive knowledge of the Mine Health and Safety Act as well as applicable Labour Laws (LRA, BCEA, etc.)
  • Employee Relations skills and proven ability to deal with organized labour.
  • Excellent knowledge of opencast mining, mine planning, mining techniques and utilization of heavy earthmoving equipment.
  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written in English.
  • High level of computer literacy (MS Office) with the ability to generate and present accurate reports.
  • Management & leadership skills.
  • Ability to motivate teams and achieve results.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Excellent interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Assertive & performance driven.
  • Willing to work long hours.
  • Ability to function under pressure.



Suitably qualified candidates may submit their CV.s by e-mail to: