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Sector: Management Consulting
Posted: 5 March 2024

Job Details

An innovation and sustainability organisation is looking for their next CEO who will report directly to the Chairman and the Board. The CEO will be responsible for monitoring the company performance and the day-to-day operations of the company including business strategy and management (working with the board to establish the strategic direction of the company); client relationship management and business development; investment & financing; risk management & controls; supporting future board committees as needed; communication to all leadership executives & stakeholders

Key Responsibilities

Business strategy and management

  • Developing the long & short-term business strategy and objectives whilst having regard to the organisations shareholders and wider stakeholders including customers and employees.
  • Ensuring effective implementation of Board decisions and the successful execution of strategy following approvals by the Board.
  • Regularly reviewing the organisation’s operational performance and strategic direction.
  • Manage overall operations and make major decisions affecting the organization.
  • Negotiate or approve agreements and contracts for the company.
  • Providing coherent leadership of the company, including representing the company to employees; customers; suppliers; shareholders; stakeholders; financial institutions; the media; the wider community, and the Public.
  • Ensuring long-term sustainability of the business.
  • Ensuring all company policies and procedures are followed and conform to the highest standards.

 Client relationship management and business development

  • Establish strong relationships with key clients, including the development of new priority clients in either existing organisation sectors, or new sectors.
  • Support sales teams to achieve business development and sales objectives.
  • Secure client engagements and contribute directly towards sales objectives.

 Growth strategy and financing

  • Work with executive and management teams to design and deliver a commercial strategy with intention of growing the company to the next level (Vision to scale to 60 /70 staff over the medium term, i.e., 3-5 years).
  • Recommending to the Board an annual budget and a financial plan and ensuring their implementation following Board approval.
  • Work with company shareholders, executives, and finance teams to ensure that working and growth capital requirements are in place to achieve growth targets.
  • Monitor commercial performance and make interventions as needed.
  • Optimising, as far as possible, the use and adequacy of the company’s resources.

 Risk management and controls

  • Work with executive and operational management teams to establish appropriate risk management systems.
  • Manage the companies risk profile in line with the extent and categories of risk identified as acceptable by the Board.
  • Ensure appropriate internal controls are in place, together with operational teams.

 Board responsibilities

  • Support the Chairman in fulfilling the duties of the board as per relevant leading practices.
  • Support the Board in the appointment of additional executive leadership colleagues, in line with the approved growth strategy.
  • Be accountable to the Chairman and the Board.
  • Ensuring the Board receives accurate, timely and clear information to enable it to discharge its duties.
  • Ensuring the Board are kept informed of key business issues including any forthcoming, complex, contentious or sensitive issues affecting the company, for example any divergence of views within senior management.
  • Ensuring the Board is aware, where appropriate, of the views of employees on issues of relevance to the business.


  • Provide strategic leadership to the public relations operational teams, enabling the PR and Comms manager to deliver their responsibilities.
  • Act as a lead ambassador for the organisation in public fora.
  • Leading effective engagement and communication with shareholders and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Leading by example to promote the desired culture and communicate to employees the expectations of the Board in relation to the company culture, values, and behaviour.
  • Act as the figurative head of the organization when communicating with stockholders, government entities and the public.
  • Approve company HR policies, including management development and succession planning for the senior executive team, whilst having regard to diversity of gender, social and ethnic backgrounds, cognitive and personal strengths.
  • Promoting and conducting the affairs of the company with the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance.
  • Regularly review the Companies organisational structure and recommend changes as appropriate.