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Chief Financial Officer – Centurion

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Sector: Financial Services
Posted: 15 March 2024

Job Details

Chief Financial Officer

Are you a visionary financial leader ready to steer the financial strategy of iMasFinance Group as we move into an exciting future?  We are seeking a dynamic and experienced Chief Financial Officer to join our team and take charge of ensuring sound financial practices, compliance with legislation, credit control, funding and optimizing financial stability. If you have a strong background in corporate financial accounting and reporting, risk management and leadership, this is an exciting and unique opportunity for you!


As the CFO, you will be responsible for:

  1. Corporate Strategy:
  • Actively contribute to the development and implementation of the overall corporate strategy.
  • Regularly report to the Board and ExCo on performance against the strategy.
  • Provide valued input aligned with business needs, ensuring strategy implementation within agreed timelines and costs.
  1. Regulatory Compliance and Legal:
  • Ensure compliance with reporting requirements set by regulators (e.g., Financial Intelligence Centre, NCR).
  • Implement risk and compliance plans, monitoring programs regularly.
  • Collaborate with auditors and assurance providers to finalize audits, compliance reports, and Integrated Report.
  1. Leadership:
  • Provide visionary leadership, ensuring execution of the company’s vision and strategic objectives.
  • Foster a positive organizational culture and climate.
  1. People Management:
  • Ensure fair HR practices, manage EE profile and targets, oversee talent retention and succession planning.
  • Manage team performance, development of direct reports, and organizational culture.
  1. Risk Management:
  • Proactively identify and assess critical organizational risks, implementing remedial action.
  • Oversee enterprise and compliance risk management strategy and execution.
  • Chair the Combined Assurance Forum and report outcomes to the Audit & Risk Committee.
  1. Stakeholder Relations:
  • Build strong and positive relationships with internal stakeholders, Board members, leadership peers, and service providers.
  • Ensure trusting relationships with open and honest communication.
  1. Accounting:
  • Ensure effective accounting systems, financial reporting, and compliance with legislation.
  • Compile and integrate budgets, providing strategic guidance to business units.
  1. Financial Management:
  • Monthly management of cash flow, compilation of annual financial statements, and management of operational ratios.
  • Provide guidelines on business insurance and asset protection.
  1. Funding (Treasury):
  • Raise funds at affordable rates from capital markets and banks.
  • Manage current structures, investigate new effective structures, and maintain relationships with investors and banks.
  1. Tax:
  • Maintain organized tax records, ensure compliance with tax requirements, and respond to inquiries from tax authorities.
  • Forecast provisional tax submissions and ensure timely and accurate filing of required tax returns.
  1. Credit Granting:
  • Assess credit applications, oversee credit department performance, and provide ongoing training.
  • Chair the iMasFinance Credit Committee and review the Corporate Credit Policy annually.



  • CA (Essential / Minimum)
  • Certificate/Diploma in Treasury (Recommended / Desirable)
  • MBA in Business Administration (Recommended / Desirable)

Professional Status:

  • Fitness for Duty (Essential / Minimum)
  • Certified FAIS Professional (Recommended / Desirable)


  • 10-12 years in operational finance and 5-8 years in financial management (Essential / Minimum)

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Strong knowledge of industry, corporate governance, financial services, and insurance landscape.
  • Leadership, strategic thinking, and cross-boundary skills are essential.