Job Title

QA Software Tester (Half Day)

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R15000 - R15000 Per Month
Sector: IT / Computers / Software
Posted: 23 May 2024

Job Details

Technology Company located in Brackenfell, Protea Hoogte

  • This role will be fully remote.
  • Salary: R8000 – R10 000 
  • Software Requirements
  • Half day role – they are allowed to have other clients they do testing for


Software Requirements:

  • Management
    • ClickUp, Google Workspace (Drive, Docs, Sheets)
  • Development (Optional)
    • VSCode, Github, Portainer, Docker
  • Communication
    • Whatsapp, Zoom, Gmail
  • Testing
    • Zoom, (Chrome Ext), Selenium IDE, 
    • Google Sheets
  • Specification
    • Balsamiq Wireframes, Xmind,


  • Meetings
    • Spec/Query Meeting (if applicable)
    • Standup Meetings (2x weekly when required)
    • Expectation Meeting (per sprint)
      • Attendees: Director, Ops, Dev(s), Tester(s)
    • Demo Meetings (per sprint)
      • Add bugs reported during meeting, to the test plan
  • Review specs
    • Identify & document edge cases in sprint
    • Make sure specs are comprehensive and holistically complete (took all other affected areas of the project into account) and caters for all edge cases, etc.
  • Test planning
    • Review the Roadmap, Sprint Plan and Specs when test planning
    • Using the provided spreadsheets, create a detailed test plan per sprint, or subsprint list, to provide insight on the sprint’s expected test cases.
  • Manual testing
    • Review the Roadmap, Sprint Plan and Specs when testing
    • Test web pages top-to-bottom, left-to-right covering every component listed in the test plan
    • Create a recording while testing using either Zoom or Jam
  • Automated regression testing using Selenium IDE (Link), 
    • Create new regression tests while testing manually  
    • Update existing regression tests when finalising sprint
    • Organise and save regression tests to applicable ‘testing’ folder
  • Best practices
    • Engage in ClickUp workflow per step of the development process
      • Moving tasks to different statuses when applicable
      • Adding various links to task or subtasks
    • Regularly update the ‘Standard Tests’ spreadsheet, which is imported when creating a new test plan.
    • Regularly update the best practice specs, slideshow and testing templates when necessary (get approval from management first) 
  • Finances
    • Contractors manage their own personal finances in accordance with Tech Genius’s financial records
    • Using the templates provided, send Tech Genius quotes or invoices at the relative SDLC phase. If more than one is sent, a statement must be included.