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Head of Informal and Supplier Payments

South Africa, Western Cape
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Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: Retail Trade
Posted: 25 May 2024

Job Details

Role Purpose

The purpose of the Head of Informal and Supplier Payments role is to actively develop, execute and oversee a business strategy that prioritise growth and a positive customer experience. The role incumbent should be hands-on, commercial savvy, entrepreneurial and driving sales and operations for the business unit. The person in this role should maintain positive professional relations with internal and external customers to ensure excellent service delivery. Understanding the industry and being able to research current trends are of utmost importance. The Head of Informal and Supplier Payments should provide regular feedback to customers, internal stakeholders, and other teams to ensure functional partnerships. The role of the Head of Informal and Supplier Payments is multifaced, requiring a blend of strategic business development, operational oversight, client relationship management and industry knowledge.


Role Description

Business Development and Management
• Develop a comprehensive business strategy and go-to-market plan to establish and grow the portfolio.
• Drive and execute the strategy and deliver on set goals and expectations.
• Clarify and define business objectives, technical scope and resource requirements of new business
opportunities or partnerships.
• Design and lead the continual development of the Money Market service offering.
• Be innovative in identifying growth opportunities in existing customer base (increasing ARPU).
• Develop business cases for potential partnerships or new opportunities.
• Negotiate high level deals for the business unit.
• Conduct ongoing research on developments within the industry.
• Document all research findings and establish processes to drive continuous improvement and growth.

Sales and Revenue Generation
• Identify key suppliers/customers and sign them up for the supplier payments service to increase
• Ensure regular engagement to understand customers’ needs and explain how processes work.
• Drive sales continuously and vigoroulsy to improve the performance of the business unit.
• Implement a CRM system to track and manage leads, opportunities and customer interactions.
• Together with Financial Analyst establish a sales forecasting model to project revenue and identify
potential bottlenecks

Client and Operational Delivery
• Understand the industry and the key internal and external role players.
• Develop a standardized onboarding process with clear guidelines and checkpoints.
• Implement a feedback mechanism to gather customer insights and improve service quality.
• Ensure effective customer onboarding and the successful utilisation of their services.
• Determine key sales targets and ensure the timely execution thereof.
• Build and nurture strong relationships across new and existing clients, maintaining optimal service delivery
by being visible on ground level.
• Establish a query management system to deal with queries from suppliers timely and provide feedback.
• Identify supplier and informal trader needs to brief back into product development teams

Qualifications and experience

  •  BCom Finance or equivalent – (essential)
  • Additional certifications or qualifications related to financial services (desired)
  • +6 years’ experience in the financial field, with a focus on business strategy and growth.
  • Ability to develop and grow a newly established role/portfolio with a strong sales drive.
  • Experience in building a business strategy, execute the plan and deliver on expectations in an entrepreneurial manner
  • Comprehensive, end-to-end understanding of financial services offerings, value propositions, operational processes, and marketing trends.
  • Proven track record in managing informal or alternative payment methods (desired).
  • Experience in managing cross-border or international payment solutions