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Head of Marketing & Sales

South Africa, Western Cape
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Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: NPO
Posted: 3 April 2024

Job Details

Main purpose of this role:

High level from Strategy: Enduring value and a sustainable return on investment to all our stakeholders

To commercialise and monetise  TSIBA Business School assets such that non-donor income realises in excess of 40% annual income. The realisation of this strategic target includes, but is not limited to  growing TSIBA’s property income, international fee-paying students,  TSIBA postgraduate student fee revenue, and sourcing and managing of income generating project initiatives for TSIBA Business School and the TSIBA Ignition Academy. 


Key Performance Areas/ Responsibilities:

How-  High Level: 

  • Evolving our business model for long term financial sustainability &
  • Protecting, building and Leveraging our aspirational brand

KPA 1: Product and systems definition and  capability  (60%)

  • Develop and implement Sales & Marketing strategy.
  • Conduct reviews with the team to provide insights for the improvement of sales and marketing strategies.
  • Strive to maintain maximum profit margin & conduct regular performance reviews.
  • Compile regular sales reports and provide timely feedback to the executive team regarding performance.
  • Identify emerging markets and opportunities including executive education and rental income.
  • Manage budget and control expenses to meet budget guidelines.
  • Meet with the Finance and Academic teams to help interpret contracts and commercial terms.
  • Ensure the team meets or exceeds all activity standards for prospecting calls, quotation and closing of all sales leads.
  • Ensure the team meets or exceeds their monthly and yearly sales targets 

KPA 3: Sales  (20%)

  • Drive and convert sales from income generation opportunities and create new leads and opportunities for income
  • Track and analyse overall revenue generated and monitor sales performance.
  • Manage and monitor Sales Productivity, eg.Sales Win Rate and average time it takes to close a deal from the first contact.
  • Track Sales pipeline velocity and manage and analyse conversion rate.
  • Track and report on trends for sales cycle Length.

KPA 2: Marketing  (10%)

  • Drive Leads generation (Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and track the number of leads that meet the marketing team’s criteria.
  • Monitor conversion rates, e.g. percentage of website visitors or leads who take a desired action.
  • Drive Brand Awareness campaigns and track social media reach and brand impressions.
  • Track and analyse engagement metrics.
  • Identify where website traffic is coming from (organic search, social media, referrals).

KPA 4: Relationships & Team Management (10%)

  • Manage Marketing and Sales  team 
  • Work closely with fundraising team and collaborate with Academic and Finance teams
  • Manage client relationships, identifying opportunities for new contracts.
  • Analyze data and create reports to identify areas of business growth.
  • Manage Relationships across the TSIBA community and external stakeholders.
  • Create and maintain a client communication platform.
  • Promote cross-departmental communication.

Competencies Required:

  • Relationship Building
  • Strong Communication Skills
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
  • Industry and Product Expertise
  • Adaptability and Resilience
  • In-depth understanding of education sector and industry trends
  • Ability to embrace new technologies and adjust strategies based on market/industry shifts

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Postgraduate qualification (any field), Masters / MBA level preferred 
  • Strong Sales and Marketing ability and experience (minimum ten  years).
  • Confidence in ‘sales’ discussions and presentations. 
  • Excellent relationship management and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent administration and organization skills.