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Helpdesk Consultant

South Africa, Western Cape
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Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: Manufacturing
Posted: 9 May 2024

Job Details

A dynamic, vibrant and growing cosmetics business is looking for a Helpdesk Consultant to join their Member Relations team in Bellville, Cape Town. 

The main role of the Helpdesk Consultant is to play a pivotal role in enhancing member experience by acting as mentors and coaches to support and guide members through their business journey to get a clear understanding of the business and the challenges/incentives/goals. 


  • Interacting successfully with new prospective Members and explaining the Business to them. 
  • Developing trust relationships with existing Members through understanding their needs and proposing solutions that will help them meet their business goals. 
  • Serve as the link of communication between Members and internal teams by resolving any problems faced by Members and deal with complaints to maintain trust. 
  • Respond to member inquiries promptly and professionally and provide accurate information about the company’s products, business processes, and promotions. 
  • Act as first point of contact and refer Member inquiries to Aftersales to ensure successful resolution. 
  • Provide personalised coaching, mentoring and guidance to enhance Members skills to overcome challenges, and reach their business goals. 
  • Offer guidance and support to Members which fosters a positive and encouraging experience.  
  • Help Members navigate obstacles and setbacks to ensure resilience and continued progress. 
  • Align with the company’s mission to improve the member experience and positively impact lives. 
  • Actively listen and engage with Members to understand their needs and contribute to their personal and professional growth. 
  • Assist new Members in starting their business journey with the company by providing comprehensive onboarding support to help them kickstart their entrepreneurial business. 
  • Educate members on the criteria of different ways of earning rewards, PVs, and bonuses. Assist them in meeting the requirements to enhance their income. 
  • Support members in achieving their targets and advancing to the next leadership level.  
  • Assist Members in developing strategies to increase sales to maximise business growth and earnings. 
  • Full understanding of the online system.  
  • Full understanding of the Business, Business Guide, and various challenges as they are presented to Members. 
  • Record keeping of all interactions with Members on the system. 
  • Promote and educate Members on all new products developed.  
  • Respond to Members queries relating to products in a professional manner. 
  • Investigate and assist Members with PV appeals to reach goals after month end has cut off. 
  • Work towards the overall goal of impacting the lives of Members positively. 
  • Develop strategies to help Members overcome challenges and achieve their business goals. 
  • Foster a culture of support and encouragement within the team. 
  • Provide personalised support and strategic guidance to Members to maximise their potential and drive overall growth of the Members. 
  • Continuous commitment to attend training and to enhance own business knowledge and skills to better serve the Members. 
  • Stay up to date on product knowledge, business strategies, and industry trends. 


  • National Senior Certificate or equivalent / Bachelor’s degree in Business Management or related field will be advantageous. 
  • 2-3 years Network Marketing / Entrepreneurial experience / 2-3 years coach and mentor entrepreneurs to reach business goals experience / 2 – 3 years customer service experience / 2 – 3 years’ experience in business development, sales, or related field. 
  • Coaching / Mentoring Background 
  • Network Marketing 
  • Computer literacy – intermediate 

Skills & Competencies: 

  • Leadership Skills 
  • Level 1 – Leader of Self:  
  • Personal discipline – planning, prioritising, delivering on time. 
  • Technical/ professional excellence   
  • Relationship building 
  • Analytical skills – weighing up pros and cons, making sense of information. 
  • Service orientation and passion. 
  • Attention to detail. 
  • Precision and accuracy 
  • Focus and persistence. 
  • Pride in doing accurate, timeous work. 
  • Self-starter – be able to drive self to make improvements in how the job gets done. 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Strong coaching and mentoring abilities. 
  • Goal-oriented with a focus on achieving targets 

Core Competencies 

  • Adopting Practical Approaches: Applies practical skills when investigating issues; prefers to learn by doing; is practically minded and applies common sense. 
  • Interacting with People: Is lively and projects enthusiasm; is talkative in making contact; is focused on interacting and networking with people. 
  • Establishing Rapport: Builds rapport and puts people at ease; is engaging and welcomes people; finds it easy to make friends. 
  • Empowering Individuals: Motivates individuals by empowering them; seeks to inspire people and groups; gives encouragement to others. 
  • Conveying Self-Confidence: Is self-assured and projects inner confidence; is confident and determines own future; values own contributions. 
  • Resolving Conflict: Is comfortable calming upset people; handles angry individuals well; is focused on resolving conflict and arguments. 
  • Thinking Positively: Is optimistic and positive; recovers easily from setbacks and obstructions; is jovial and projects cheerfulness. 
  • Inviting Feedback: Is receptive to feedback and acknowledges criticism; open to critique and critical thinking; gathers feedback from others. 
  • Understanding People: Shows empathy and compassion; attends and listens to people; is attentive and understands the motivation in others. 
  • Valuing Individuals: Shows consideration towards others; tolerates the differences in people; values and trusts people. 
  • Upholding Standards: Behaves ethically and justly; is discreet and maintains confidentiality; meets commitments by acting with integrity. 
  • Pursuing Goals: Strives to achieve outstanding results; is ambitious and acts with determination; persists through difficulties to achieve results.  
  • Showing Composure: Stays calm and relaxed during events; is not worried and tolerates stress levels; is composed in dealing with pressure.  
  • Team Working: Works participatively with others; is democratic and encourages team contributions; collaboratively involves others in decision-making. 
  • Meeting Timescales: Is target focused and meets deadlines; is punctual and keeps to schedule; is reliable in finishing tasks. 
  • Checking Things: Is meticulous in finding errors; ensures accuracy by being thorough and checking details; produces high quality work by being detailed. 
  • Following Procedures: Conforms and adheres to rules; closely follows instructions and procedures; minimises risks by sticking to processes. 
  • Managing Tasks: Manages tasks by being organised and methodical; plans activities systematically; sets priorities for tasks. 
  • Producing Output: Is focused on activity and works quickly; keeps busy and maintains productivity; is comfortable multi-tasking to produce output. 
  • Taking Action: Takes action to make things happen; uses initiative to start things up; shows drive and invests personal energy.