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Internal Sales Manager

Western Cape
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R20000 - R25000 Per Month
Sector: Logistics / Transport / Shipping
Posted: 24 October 2023

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From overseeing sales personnel to setting sales targets, the primary role of Inside Sales Managers is to ensure the success of a company’s sales department. Inside Sales Managers hire, train and manage the professional development of an inside sales team, which consists of individuals who conduct sales via phones or the Internet. They set sales goals, track sales, produce sales reports, complete monthly forecasting and set department budgets. Inside Sales Managers also conduct analyses to determine prospective clients and develop relationships with existing clients.

Inside Sales Managers typically reports to sales directors. They can work for any type of industry. A 5% employment growth rate for Inside Sales Managers is expected through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This growth is dependent on the growth of the industry for which they are working. It is believed that the area of business-to-business sales will see more growth than business-to-consumer sales.


  • Manage Inside Sales Team – One of the main responsibilities of an Inside Sales Manager is to oversee the inside sales staff. This includes hiring, training, motivating and providing ongoing professional development opportunities for these employees.
  • Set and Monitor Sales Goals – Inside Sales Managers presents weekly, monthly and/or quarterly sales goals for the inside sales team. They monitor actual sales and sales leads, keep track of sales and generate reports that cover sales forecasting, goals and results.
  • Assess Sales Practices to Create Improvement – It is up to Inside Sales Managers to measure the performance of the inside sales staff and determine if existing practices and processes are generating adequate sales. They will suggest improvements to sales processes as needed, implement improvements and monitor the impact of these changes over a determined period of time.
  • Maintain Client Relationships – For retention purposes, Inside Sales Managers will openly communicate and build relationships with clients and customers. They rely on customer feedback to ensure that the inside sales department is operating successfully and use this feedback to make improvements if needed.


  • Hiring and training inside sales staff
  • Evaluating sales processes and procedures
  • Creating sales department budget
  • Developing sales reports
  • Generating new sales and retaining existing customers