Job Title

IT Project Co-ordinator

South Africa, Western Cape
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R10000 - R15000 Per Month
Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: All
Posted: 2 July 2024

Job Details

Our client is looking for a young dynamic individual, that is passionate about software and development to join their team as a Project Coordinator. This individual will have tremendous opportunities to grow and upskill within in their field, our client is looking for a long-term individual, to set his career goals in growing with the company to overtime step into an Operations Coordinator role to manage all software and development projects.

Duties; (Training to be provided where required)

  • Onboarding/Training
  • Create new contractor folder and subfolders
  • Copy, update and email new contract & NDA templates to applicant
  • Review contract and NDA signing to ensure correctly done
  • Save all documents to contractor folder
  • Add applicant to Tech Genius systems (Google Drives, Github, Whatsapp, ClickUp)
  • Use the onboarding checklist for all requirements.
  • Add profile picture to TG website (15 minute training required)
  • Add contractor details to various spreadsheets (Clients, TG Team Members & Scoreboard) for logging their experience and performance.
  • Schedule and attend meeting with contractor to provide insight on projects, internal procedures and important templates or documents.
  • Project Management
  • Project preparation
  • Set up project folder for client and copy specs and specs-extra templates for solutions architect to use.
  • Specification
  • Regularly update the roadmap, changes, user rights matrix and further project documents based on feedback from solutions architect (Typing experience is required when this happens during certain meetings)
  • This could also involve setting up spreadsheets to help clients understand data processes.
  • This could also involve updating the wireframes, SRS or diagram based on high-level instructions.
  • Mockups are done using Canva and are used to provide examples on expected system-generated reports or other documents.
  • Sprint planning
  • Duplicate task template (on ClickUp), duplicate sprint plan template and duplicate test plan template. Add subtasks and links for documents to the ClickUp task.
  • Miscellaneous sprints require a different template and more time to plan around since multiple devs have multiple subsprints.
  • Sprint management
  • Move tasks across different ClickUp statuses based on the current stage of said sprint.
  • See ClickUp statuses spreadsheet to review various phases of SDLC.
  • Ensure sprints stay on schedule per deadline. Then communicate with the management team if necessary.
  • Regularly update the developer scoreboard with sprint deadlines and progress.
  • Production Deployment
  • Only Director & Ops should have access to Production servers of clients. Ops should deploy sprints to production when testing on sandbox is complete
  • QA Testing
  • Testers are contracted from time to time, however ops currently fills this requirement, considering the need for high detail-orientation and risk-prevention.
  • Log bugs and scope creep found during demo meetings on the test plan before actual testing has taken place.
  • Test each sprint manually and create a recording during testing for developer reference.
  • Update the test plan and ClickUp with logged bugs, and inform developers of requirements.
  • (New) Create a range of selenium tests for a sprint for instant retesting
  • Hosting
  • Start /Stop /Upgrade AWS servers as per requests
  • Ensure the hosting spreadsheet is regularly updated with new rates, AWS services or server changes.
  • Financial
  • Developer/Tester Quoting
  • Request that a developer review the sprint plan prepared and add hours to ClickUp, then review hours
  • If hours look good and suit project budget, request an official quote
  • Update quotes spreadsheet
  • Developer/Tester Invoicing
  • When sprint has reached a specific phase and is suitable for a demo
  • Request developer/tester to invoice
  • Review whether the invoice hours match the quote

Please take note salary is entry level on R10 000 – R15 000 with room for growth and commission.