Job Title

Personal Assistant

South Africa, Western Cape
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R25000 - R35000 Per Month
Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: Interior & Design
Posted: 30 April 2024

Job Details

A heating solution specialist company is seeking for a Personal Assistant to act as right-hand man / woman / person to the Business Owner. 

The right person for the job should have quite strong analytical abilities, combined with very good Excel knowledge and financial acumen (profits, markups, product costing, etc) 


  • Procurement  
    • Emailing suppliers following expos and reaching out to get info for prices. Compiling the information into folders, analysing the information, and condensing it to achieve the best supplier option. 
    • Getting Shipping Quotes 
  • Following up on shipments with shippers, clearing agents, and suppliers 
  • Act as the main point of contact between the director and internal and external stakeholders 
  • Manage the director’s calendars and appointments and ensure they are well-prepared for meetings. 
  • Data analysis. Comparing many various products with a lot of various attributes and managing to compare “apples with apples”.  
  • Data Analysis on business performance from ERP system and CRM system – compiling concise reports for Director. 
  • Arrange and coordinate travel and accommodation for the executives and handle their expense reports. 
  • Following up on tasks on the directors’ behalf. 
  • Oversee the performance of other clerical staff. 
  • Assisting with Performance Review documentation and Bonus calculations. 
  • Draft and edit correspondence, reports, presentations, and other documents for the director. 
  • Organize and facilitate internal and external events and meetings on behalf of the Director, ensuring all the necessary requirements are met, such as venue, equipment, presentations, and agendas. 
  • Perform other administrative and clerical duties as assigned. 
  • Taking minutes when required  
  • Distributing comprehensive minutes and action points to all members post-meeting. 
  • Reconciling invoices 
  • Managing projects 
  • Act as an office manager, when needed. 
  • HR Assistance e.g., leave schedules. 
  • Day-to-day personal assistance to the director. 
    • Attend to various (non-business related tasks) 
      • Shopping for various personal items, furniture, online, presents etc.. 
      • Attending to family support recruitment (Au Pairs, Nanny’s) 
      • Holiday Planning 


  • Tertiary education in business administration or management, for example a BCom Business Management degree. 
  • At least 3 years of experience as an executive PA or a similar role in a corporate environment. 
  • Valid South Africa driver’s license with a reliable vehicle. 
  • A fast learner. 
  • Always willing to go the extra mile. 
  • Willing to work late when needed. 
  • A basic technical understanding of machinery equipment and technology would be advantageous as it is a technical company. 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English 
  • Strong skills in MS Excel is an advantage 
  • Proficiency in MS Office and other office software and tools 
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize, and work under pressure. 
  • A positive, flexible, and service-oriented attitude. 
  • Diary management experience 


  • In addition to the specified requirements, a top-notch Executive PA should possess the following key characteristics: 
    • Proactive and Anticipatory: 
      • Demonstrates a proactive mindset by anticipating the needs and preferences of the director before they are expressed. 
      • Takes initiative to address potential issues and streamline processes without constant supervision. 
    • Exceptional Organizational Skills: 
      • Manages multiple tasks, projects, and priorities with a high degree of organization. 
      • Exhibits meticulous attention to detail in all aspects of administrative work, ensuring accuracy and thoroughness. 
    • Effective Communication: 
      • Communicates clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing. 
      • Can adapt communication style to interact seamlessly with various stakeholders, including executives, clients, and internal staff. 
    • Adaptability and Flexibility: 
      • Adapts quickly to changing priorities, unexpected challenges, and evolving situations. 
      • Demonstrates flexibility in work hours and tasks to meet the dynamic needs of the director and the organization. 
    • Confidentiality and Discretion: 
      • Handles sensitive information with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. 
      • Understands the importance of maintaining confidentiality in all aspects of the role. 
    • Problem-Solving Abilities: 
      • Exhibits strong problem-solving skills, finding effective solutions to challenges that may arise in day-to-day operations. 
      • Can think critically and make sound decisions in high-pressure situations. 
    • Tech-Savvy: 
      • Demonstrates a proficiency in utilizing various office gadgets, applications, and technology. 
      • Stays updated on advancements in office software and tools to enhance efficiency. 
    • Team Player: 
      • Collaborates effectively with other team members and departments to achieve organizational goals. 
      • Provides support to colleagues when needed and fosters a positive working environment. 
    • Professional Demeanour: 
      • Presents a professional and polished image in all interactions, both internally and externally. 
      • Represents the director and the organization with professionalism and courtesy. 
    • Time Management: 
      • Prioritizes tasks effectively, ensuring deadlines are met and schedules are well-organized. 
      • Manages time efficiently to handle a variety of responsibilities without compromising quality