11 unusual jobs you didn’t know existed

11 unusual jobs you didn’t know existed

Are you on the job market? Bored on your job search? Here are eleven unusual jobs you might not even have thought to consider. Some are more practical than others, but all of them are strange in their own way.

Unusual Job 1: Professional Sleeper

Sometimes it actually does pay to lie down on the job. Certain hotels will employ staff members to sleep in their various hotel beds and review their satisfaction with their night’s sleep afterwards. This allows the hotel to make adjustments as needed to make sure their guests are as comfortable as possible on their stay.

Unusual Job 2: Drying Paint Watcher

It might be something you compare another boring activity to, but watching paint dry is actually an important job for paint manufacturers. They need people to take on this unusual job to make notes on the texture and colour changes of new paint mixes so that they can adjust or market their products effectively.

Unusual Job 3: Golf Ball Diver

Golf balls can be pricey, and more often than not, a Golfer will lose a good few in the various bodies of water in and around the golf course. That’s where Golf Ball Divers come in. A Golf Ball Diver will dive beneath the surface of the water to look for golf balls that can then be cleaned up and resold. It seems like a silly job, but some divers can earn as much as $100 (almost R2 000) an hour depending on how many golf balls they retrieve.

Unusual Job 4: Professional Bridesmaid

This is a job that’s similar to a Wedding Planner, but has the added responsibility of being a part of the wedding party and having to help with the planning of things like the Bachelorette Party. Professional Bridesmaids will usually be there to help with the dress selection, help with booking various vendors, organise the décor, and will walk down the aisle with you on your big day.

Usual Job 5: Full-Time Netflix Watcher

Like watching movies and series? This job could be a dream come true. Netflix Watchers view all the content about to go on Netflix from beginning to end to give feedback on the correct ways to categorise it (romance, drama, comedy, etc.) and any additional information Netflix needs for marketing purposes. By the time you load up Netflix, every show you see is already in the right place, with some being suggested to you based on similar things you’ve watched.

Unusual Job 6: Dog Food Taster

Well, someone has to do it. And as dogs can’t effectively communicate their thoughts and opinions on the flavour and texture of their food and treats, the job unfortunately has to go to a human. These Tasters will try various dog foods, including bones, kibble, wet food, and biscuits, to determine how it compares to other dog food products on the market, allowing the manufacturers to adjust their recipes as needed to compete effectively.

Unusual Job 7: Face Feeler

It’s not as creepy as it sounds. These are usually Product Developers for beauty companies who sell things like beauty masks, moisturisers, cleansers, lotions, and other products. They test how effective the product is by feeling the user’s face before applying the product and then after to measure softness and monitor for any unwanted effects.

Unusual Job 8: Intimacy Coordinator

Ever look at an intimate scene in a film or series and wonder whose job it is to organise all that? That would be the Intimacy Coordinator. These are film industry professionals who specialise in the positioning of both the actors and cameras, the choreography of the scene, and which modesty implements would work best. Their goal is to make a scene look as realistic as it can be while keeping everyone on set as safe and comfortable as possible.

Unusual Job 9: Online Dating Ghost Writer

The difficulty you might feel when having to put together a CV is the same difficulty some people feel when it comes to putting together their online dating profiles. There’s a lot of pressure when you only have a limited amount of space to make an impression. That’s why some people seeking love with opt to outsource this job. For a small fee, you can give a Ghost Writer some key information about you, and they will turn it into an effective and winning dating profile, even going as far as to send messages on your behalf until you can meet in person.

Unusual Job 10: Professional Queuer

Do you hate waiting in lines? Many people do. That’s why Professional Queuers can be such a lifesaver. For a fee, you can hire someone to queue on your behalf, and then take their place when they’re closer to the front, allowing you to get the product or service you’re waiting for without having to sacrifice your time for it. This could be a lifesaver when it comes to the lines at Home Affairs.

Unusual Job 11: Professional Mermaid

You read right: Professional Mermaids. These are strong free divers often employed by aquariums, casinos, and other attractions to provide a touch of magic to their underwater displays. The performers will don a tail made out of the same material swimsuits are made out of and perform underwater choreography while holding their breath. They’ll often have scuba equipment stashed out of sight so that they can take a breath of oxygen without having to resurface. This helps them maintain the illusion and keep the magic alive for the kids (and grownups) watching.

The Takeaway:

The beautiful thing about the speed our world is going is that we don’t even know what jobs are and will be out there. Keep an eye out for jobs out of the ordinary. You just might find a career you’re passionate about.

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