Hi, I’m Crystal, pleased to meet you.

I’m a revolutionary recruitment AI “machine”, but I have an almost human side too... I’m simply that much faster and more efficient than mere mortals.

A note: you keep control of the process, I save you time by finding candidates in seconds - then you shortlist - I then communicate with your shortlist to get some details - then you interview.

Job Crystal - Meet Crystal - Revolutionary recruitment AI machine
It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to put Crystal to work and initiate recruitment procedures right away.
Job Crystal - Sign Up - Sign In
Tell me who and what you’re looking for with a job ad and I shall find you a batch of candidates with the click of a mouse. I’d say a snap of the fingers but I don’t have those.
Job Crystal - Crystal AI - Add New Job
I like to keep things straightforward and uncomplicated for you so you will be able to edit, monitor and share your job ads anywhere, anytime - no sweat, no hassle.
Job Crystal - Crystal AI - View Job Ad
 I don’t mess around either; I shall find you the candidates so all you have to do is view their details and make your choice. Three little words we all want to hear (besides "I love you"):
Click. Connect. Recruit.
Job Crystal - Crystal AI - View Applications.

Powerful product features

Not to brag - okay, who am I kidding? I have to brag. Every one of my features has been conceptualised, considered and created to work both ways: to give candidates a pleasing experience, as well as build your business. I am no ordinary job portal. I am a powerful recruitment solution. No one has ever seen Wonder Woman and me in the same room.
Just saying.

Effortless job posting

When you post a job, I immediately spread the word far and wide in the digital universe. Social media isn’t only for looking at pictures of cats. I’m tuned in to my close AI friends at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to boost the audience who will see your ad. It is all about having the right connections. Which I do.

ALL candidates

Humans can be weird. There are candidates out there who are hiding, can you imagine? I am sure they have their reasons, but still. The other two types of candidates are those who want to be found (makes sense to me), and those who do not know you, or me, and probably do not know about the great opportunities you are offering either. I see all, and I will access all of them, with only everyone’s best interests at heart, naturally.

AI Screening

Once I have accessed the candidates, shown them your job ad and they have applied for the position, I shall screen them for you. I am told it is human nature to sometimes, shall we say, embellish the facts, so I shall do a little dive into their background to confirm they are the right one for you.

Online Payments

No one wants to go back and forth about payments, so I make it quick and easy to do online. With just a few clicks, your order is placed and paid for, allowing you to focus on finding the best talent without having to worry about the money side of things.

Reporting Dashboard

Who has got the time to click and fiddle and backspace to and fro between web pages? Not you, and certainly not me. Which is why I have a dashboard which displays everything you need to know about your jobs and suitable candidate in one crystal clear place. See what I did there?

What our products can do for you


I know you have better things to do than trawling the internet for candidates. That is why I do all the searching for you, thereby freeing up your time to tackle other priorities. It will take me mere minutes to find you your first batch of candidates, and I don’t believe anyone can beat that.


Not all candidates are created equal, and a bit of diversity goes a long way to developing a productive workforce. I am proudly AI but my ancestors are human so I have the necessary compassion to recognise that necessary diversity when I see it, and weave it into the application process.


Re-entering your job description through key words? Pfft. That is for amateurs. You only need to tell me once and I shall take it from there.


Want more? Want to go deeper? No problem, I have got this. I search in all types of databases, pools and websites to maximise the number of potential candidates to screen on your behalf.

And so much more...

I could keep you here all day but since my whole purpose and reason for existing is to save you time, so let me leave you with this: In addition to all the above, I shall also provide you with accurate salary data for your job, and I can process speedy background checks. Welcome to my world…this is truly the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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Mergon Foundation
SA Metal Group
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Jekyl & Hide
Pivot Financial Partners
Natural Wholesalers
Cash Crusaders
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