23 creative ways to hire

23 creative ways to hire

Stop missing out on top talent! Discover 23 little-known ways to hire that will give you an edge in the competitive job market. Building your business, or having the responsibility to grow a team, only works as you build the best team, and we all know hiring has its moments! Hiring the best employees is critical – but also makes this the number 1 challenge for business owners/HR managers. Here are 23 ways to hire the best team for your business:

1. Start where you want to finish – hiring criteria

Before you start the hiring process, make sure you have a clear understanding of the skills and qualifications you are looking for in a candidate. The Job Description is where it starts (and ends) so take your time in making sure you are creating it – not Google or ChatGPT! (in case you need the link https://openai.com )

2. Social Media!

Social media is a great way to find potential candidates. Post job listings on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter and use them to network with other professionals in your industry. Use your own network to help you find talent – and no it doesn’t need to be a paid add just a post! (Try www.Linkedin.com )

3. Ask your current team for employee referrals

Employee referrals are a great way to find candidates that fit well with your company culture and have the skills you need. So many people forget about using this feature, many companies use it very effectively by paying if a referral lands up working!

4. Transfer those skills

Look for candidates or contractors who have transferable skills that can be adapted to your business. At times you cannot always find exactly what you are looking for, but possibly bringing in a contractor who can transfer their skills to your team may work?

5. Online recruiting platforms

Online recruiting platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn or Job Crystal can help you find a wide range of candidates from different backgrounds and with different skillsets. Using AI, helps move away from bias and gives you a wider net of talent to review. (Try www.jobcrystal.co.za )

6. University graduates

Attend job fairs or graduate events at universities. These are a great way to meet potential candidates in person and to get a sense of their qualifications and personalities. Sometimes teaching what they need to know, rather than changing what they have learnt in another company works – think grads!

7. Utilise recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies can help you find the right candidates for your business and save you time and effort in the hiring process. Yes, I hear you some are not great, and some are super expensive! Find the right one that does the FULL process for you, that only delivers quality, and you will save yourself allot of money (and time).

8. Offer internships

Offering internships is a great way to identify potential employees and give them a chance to learn more about your business. Very similar to graduates, but most interns come from colleges or other institutions like DynamicDNA. (Try www.dynamicdna.co.za )

9. Ask for work samples from different category of candidates

Ask candidates to provide work samples that demonstrate their skills and qualifications. This is a great way to check if they would work as a permanent, freelance or contractor for the business. Some skills can be used in different ways, it is thinking out of the box that helps.

10. Create a positive culture

A positive culture can attract top talent to your company. This was a very last year focus on ensuring you have the right culture to attract the right talent. As it is a candidate market you want talent to come to you and having the right culture will do this!

11. Utilise video interviews

Video interviews can be a great way to get a sense of a candidate’s personality and communication skills. It is a great time saver, not needing everyone in an interview, yet everyone can view the interview! Major time hack! (Try www.wamly.io )

12. Conduct background checks

Conducting background checks can help you identify any red flags that may indicate a candidate is not a good fit for your company. We even wrote a blog about this in that you may even be able to hire on an independent Background check alone – it isn’t expensive to run, you don’t even need to register – get Background checks done ALWAYS! (Try www.jobcrystal.co.za/background-checks.php )

13. Consider candidates from diverse backgrounds

Diverse candidates can bring new perspectives and ideas to your company. Choosing the same type of employees creates a nice culture, not a very innovative, creative, or outstanding one – you need some conflict to ruffle some feathers to think differently! AI is great to find more diverse candidates as it doesn’t fit into your box.

14. Utilise pre-employment assessments

Pre-employment assessments can help you identify candidates with the skills and qualifications you need. If you run these as a 1st step, you will remove any ‘absolutely not going to work’ and gives the candidates something to work on.

15. Offer competitive compensation packages

Offering competitive compensation packages can help you attract top talent to your company. This doesn’t only have to be salary, it could include commission, bonus, promotions, learning opportunities, travel, lunch at the office or even a profit share scheme!

16. Utilise behavioural interviewing

Behavioural interviewing can help you identify candidates who have the skills and qualifications you need. It works if you can ask purely on a behaviour basis and not previous stories. Read up on some methods of these, they bring some phenomenal results.

17. Utilise online personality profile assessments

Personality online assessments can help you identify candidates with the right personality, grit, and determination you need. There are several of these like Myer-Briggs or the DISC profile, find one that works for you, get your team assessed and work on getting new candidates assessed. Work out what you need and find that – not always in skill but in personality.

18. Ask for references

Ask candidates for references and follow up with them to learn more about the candidate’s qualifications and skills. Even better do an independent reference on someone who has worked with the candidate, without them giving you the reference!

19. Utilise social recruiting

Social recruiting can help you find candidates who are a good fit for your company culture. This works in a social setting, in the who do you know and who can you ask. Like the social media posts but this is asking personally and not on a social media wall.

20. Utilise recruiting software

Recruiting software can help you automate many aspects of the hiring process. There are phenomenal technology suites out there from ATS, AI, Video interviews, assessments, psychometrics, HR systems and you will find which one’s work for you. But starting on an excel sheet is great but you need to move to a full system when you are hiring more than 5 a year.

21. Offer training and development opportunities

Offering training and development opportunities can help you attract top talent to your company. This works super well when you find a candidate that fits what you need them to have but lacks a certain skill. Most people want to learn so offering them a learning opportunity may be up their alley.

22. Utilise job postings

Job postings can help you reach a wide range of candidates. You can use the age-old ones in newspapers (yes, they still work), or online ones on several different job platforms that you can offer even free ones in www.Indeed.com  or www.Gumtree.co.za .

23. Utilise a combination of the above methods

Utilising a combination of the above ways to hire can help you find the best candidates for your business. Find the best set that works for you and find your ideal teammate!

In conclusion, hiring the best employees for your business is crucial for its success.