3 easy apps to save you time (tried and tested)

3 easy apps to save you time (tried and tested)

We are some of the lucky working parents out there, we have a great support system and we happen to be technology savvy. Having said that we are just like every other parent out there during a lockdown in a pandemic, we have kids jumping into zoom calls, a house to sort out, a goal to get to 0 emails each day and so many lists of things to go, to get, to buy, to focus on, to read, to…. You get the point.

So, we thought we would share the best apps to save you time (and sanity) which we use and highly recommend:

  1. Blinkist (https://www.blinkist.com/)

I am an avid reader, but just do not have the time like I used to, to read as many books as there are on my ‘read list’ … then I found Blinkist. One of the best apps that summaries books you want to read in a few short minutes, giving you the option to read the main points – outlined per chapter or to listen to them. I love it and helps get through all those improvement and hack books I want to get to and realise which ones I really want to read or just get the tips and tricks in 10 minutes!

I am the person that when they ask about lists, I am the one with my hand up. I love making them, writing them, and ticking them off. But hate having to re-write them when my page gets messy! Welcome to Microsoft To-Do. An app that goes on your phone and links to your PC software as well so you can have the lists on the go and when in front of your PC. I have so many lists (as mentioned) and this helps categorize them and helps me organise my day. Each day I open the app and decide what is urgent and what can be done – write those down and then focus time. A life saving app for your mental ability as well. Free if you have Office365.

This is very South African but assisted all of us in lockdown and when isolating. A great app where you can order items from the grocery and have it in 60 minutes! Time saving of note and delivered in a brown paper bag to ensure you also help the environment!

We hope this quick blog helps save you a few hours in your month!