5 Candidate Green Flags when Hiring

5 Candidate Green Flags when Hiring

We know to look out for red flags when hiring. These are the things that make you uneasy when considering a candidate. Things like only being employed for short stints at a time, negative references, or bad background checks are all warning signs that hiring this candidate could be a bad idea. We notice red flags more because it’s easy to spot what we don’t want. But this often means missing what we do want in a team member. Here are 5 green flags for a quality candidate.

1. They are adaptable

Because of the way technology is always evolving and especially in the current climate of Covid-19, the way businesses function must constantly change to accommodate the industries or markets they’re a part of. This means that having a team that can roll with these necessary changes and can find ways of making the most out of shifting situations, is a key part of having a thriving business. Having employees that can adapt to changes thrown their way will put you at a huge advantage over companies that don’t focus on adaptability.

2. They are enthusiastic

Driving motivation is a huge part of managing your business successfully, but it’s much easier to do when you have employees that are already rearing to go. Are they full of ideas on what they could contribute to your company? Are they excited about your company’s values and goals? Do they seem passionate about the duties and responsibilities their role entails? It’s probably a sign that they’ll be a great fit for your team.

3. They are thorough

When interviewing the candidate, are they able to explain their contributions in an effective way? Are you able to gauge how they added to their previous company from they way they explain it? Thoroughness is an important quality in a candidate because you want to be sure that when checking on the different functions of your company, you have a team that is able to explain effectively and in detail what the current status of that function is. It’s important for the candidate to have good communication skills as well as a good understanding of their role.

4. Their career has progressed

Has the candidate grown over the course of their career? Even if they have been at one company for most of it, is there evidence that they have taken on new roles and responsibilities? Have they been promoted? Have they taken or are they taking courses to increase their knowledge and skills? These are all signs that the candidate is motivated and driven in their career goals, and with the right investment, they can and will contribute to the growth and success of your business.

5. They are honest and reliable

Do they own up to mistakes previously made? Are they aware of and open about their weaknesses? Do they come with excellent references from their previous employers? This is a good sign that you have a an honest and reliable candidate. This is one of the most crucial green flags to look out for because even without all of the other aspects, you at minimum want to know that you are inviting someone trustworthy onto your team.

Sometimes, these aspects aren’t immediately apparent and it often takes a bit of investigation and key interview questions to find them out. But if you do notice them on a CV or they turn up unpromted in an interview, there’s a good chance you are dealing with a high-calibre candidate.

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