5 Clues to Identify a Company Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

5 Clues to Identify a Company Committed to Diversity and Inclusion

In today’s job market, spotting a company that values Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) is crucial for you finding a fulfilling and inclusive work environment. Job seekers worldwide are increasingly prioritising workplaces that celebrate diversity. Here’s a list of things to look for to guide you on how to spot a company that genuinely embraces DEI:

Analyse their Job Descriptions:

Look for inclusive language:

Companies that value diversity consciously use inclusive language in their job descriptions. Watch out for phrases that may indicate bias and lean towards a specific demographic. An inclusive job description promotes diversity from the very first interaction.

Diversity initiatives mentioned:

Companies committed to DEI often highlight their diversity initiatives in job postings. Check for mentions of mentorship programs, employee resource groups, or any other diversity-focused programs.

Scour Company and Employee Reviews:

Check for diversity anecdotes:

Reading employee reviews on websites like Glassdoor or Indeed can provide valuable insights. Look for comments that mention the company’s commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Positive anecdotes from diverse employees are a good sign.

Consistency in feedback:

Consistent feedback about the company’s commitment to DEI across various reviews is a positive indicator. Be cautious if you notice a lack of diversity-related comments or if negative patterns emerge.

Check the Company’s Online Presence:

Social media presence:

A company that values diversity will likely showcase it on social media platforms. Look for posts highlighting diverse employees, events, or initiatives related to DEI. A strong online presence dedicated to diversity is a positive signal.

Blog content:

Explore the company’s blog for articles related to diversity and inclusion. Companies genuinely committed to DEI often share insights, success stories, and updates on their efforts through blog posts.

Analyse their Leadership Team:

Diversity in leadership:

A diverse leadership team is a clear indication of a company’s commitment to DEI. Check the company’s website for information on the leadership team. Look for representation of different genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds.

Inclusion in decision-making:

Companies that value diversity ensure that diverse voices are included in decision-making processes. Research the leadership team’s approach to inclusivity and whether they actively seek diverse perspectives.

Look for Company Alignments:

Industry awards and recognitions:

Companies dedicated to diversity often receive industry awards or certifications related to DEI. Check if the company has received accolades such as Top Diversity Employer or specific DEI certifications.

Partnerships with diversity organisations:

Companies aligned with diversity often collaborate with organisations promoting diversity. Look for partnerships with NGOs, diversity-focused groups, or participation in events that support DEI causes.


You as a job seeker play a vital role in shaping the workforce landscape by choosing companies that prioritise Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion. By analysing job descriptions, reviews, online presence, leadership teams, and company alignments, you can make informed decisions that align with your values and contribute overall to a more inclusive workplace.


How can I tell if a company values diversity in its workplace?

Look for inclusive language in job descriptions, mentioning diversity initiatives. Check employee reviews for positive anecdotes about the company’s commitment to diversity.

Why is analysing job descriptions important in assessing a company’s commitment to diversity?

Inclusive language in job descriptions reflects a conscious effort to attract diverse candidates, setting the tone for an inclusive workplace culture.

What should I look for in company and employee reviews to gauge their commitment to diversity?

Focus on consistency in feedback regarding the company’s commitment to diversity. Pay attention to positive anecdotes from diverse employees.

How can a company’s online presence indicate its dedication to diversity and inclusion?

A strong social media presence showcasing diverse employees and DEI initiatives is a positive sign. Check the company’s blog for articles related to diversity and inclusion efforts.

Why is diversity in a company’s leadership team important?

A diverse leadership team demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and diverse perspectives in decision-making.

How can I find information about a company’s leadership team and their approach to inclusivity?

Explore the company’s website for details on the leadership team. Look for information on the inclusion of diverse voices in decision-making processes.

What industry recognitions or awards should I look for to identify a company committed to diversity?

Companies dedicated to diversity may receive awards like Top Diversity Employer or specific DEI certifications.

How can partnerships with diversity organizations indicate a company’s alignment with diversity values?

Companies collaborating with diversity-focused groups or participating in events supporting DEI causes show a commitment to fostering diversity.

Are there specific phrases in job descriptions that may indicate bias or a lack of commitment to diversity?

Watch out for language that may unintentionally exclude certain demographics. Ensure job descriptions mention diversity initiatives or programs.

What role do employee resource groups play in identifying a company’s commitment to diversity?

Companies with strong diversity values often have employee resource groups that promote inclusivity and support underrepresented communities.

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