5 things I learnt while hiring a CEO

5 things I learnt while hiring a CEO

The past few weeks I have been assisting an NPO hire their new CEO, being part of the decision making, and not just the screening process. I remembered how much more invested you get into the process and how long it can take. What did I learn? Lots …

  • Score the answers to the questions

I think the reason I have never given a score to the answer of a question, is that I have always interviewed face to face, but due to Covid-19 our panel interviews were all virtual, which made it easier to score the answer of a question out of 10 based. It was a great way to be objective for each question, so at the end of all the interviews you can see who scored best (by each interviewer) and not just hire a person because they answered one question well.

  1. Make your Job Description S-P-E-C-I-F-I-C

I create job descriptions daily for clients but creating one where you know the ins and outs of the business takes time, dedication, and focus. You need to list each and every requirement you foresee the ideal candidate having and being (this isn’t the time to be nice – create the perfect ideal requirements you want for this role to have). An ‘open’ job spec can get up to 500 applicants, where a detailed and extremely specific job spec can get 100 good applicants. Put the time in the front of the process and it will shorten the rest of the process.

  • Screen with a questionnaire

Before putting people through and declining based on ‘it wasn’t in their CV’, ask each of them the same questions on a questionnaire. If the candidates do not fill it out, they were not that interested. You want people who WANT the job and will put the effort in! Are you not you looking for a detailed and highly motivated candidate?

  • Have a panel of people

When hiring for my own businesses I have often had another person interviewing with me, but never more than 2! What a great idea to have 3 – you get a more objective view and different view points, rather than ‘I just have a feeling’. Use a panel it works.


We asked a short list of candidates to complete assessments, these included some psychometrics and a video of them presenting a new strategy. This allowed a larger panel to review the assessments and give their feedback. More feedback and giving a more team feeling in hiring the right person.

In summary

In short, 2020 has been nothing short of difficult, anxiety inducing and stressful. The world is still trying to work out what is next, and will there be another lock down, when will the vaccine arrive and will I take it? But the new virtual world has given us some ideas on how to hire smart, fast, and accurately giving us at least something we can control, make simple and less stressful. We hope these tips have helped should you wish for some more ideas on how to hire well follow us on https://www.linkedin.com/company/jobcrystal/