5 Ways AI is Going to Change the Job Market Forever

5 Ways AI is Going to Change the Job Market Forever

AI, Artificial Intelligence, is changing the world. From making video games feel more realistic, to driving the algorithms that make our social media tick. Almost all of us interact with AI in some way or another every day. It might seem like we’re on a path to making ourselves obsolete on the job market, but that’s not necessarily the case. Here are 5 ways AI is going change the job market forever.

1. It will allow you to complete tasks faster

Imagine not having to do the most boring, routine parts of your job. The parts that seem to take all your time with little-to-no reward.

There are things a computer can do way faster and more accurately than a human. Things like processing quotes and invoices as soon as a request is submitted. Things like handling the initial process of submitting a query to a company or processing orders. By taking these tasks of your hands, AI creates space for you to focus on the uniquely human aspects of your role. AI isn’t set up for things like excellent customer service, closing sales, and meeting client expectations . By focusing on the parts of your job computers just can’t do, you’ll be able to produce quality work at a faster pace.

2. It will keep you out of unsafe working environments

One way to reduce health and safety risks at work is by teaching computers how to complete tasks in factory environments. Automating sorting processes and teaching machines how to inspect for quality keep people away from the dangerous equipment on the production line. Setting up processes to allow AI to take over tasks that involve dangerous chemicals, bio-hazards, or extreme heat or cold, limits the risk to your health and safety.

3. It will increase the demand for your uniquely human skills

Computers are good at many things, but there are definitely things that only a human can do. According to The World Economic Forum, AI-automated routine work will displace roughly 75 million jobs. However, as the demand for skills like emotional and technical intelligence increase, 133 million new jobs will be created.

AI is a helpful tool when it comes to logic and numbers. However, uniquely human traits are still out of reach. We haven’t even unlocked how our creativity and emotions work or what drives them. The fields of neuroscience and psychology are always evolving as science opens up new areas of knowledge. This means that the knowledge needed to create AI that can successfully recreate abstract human traits is still years away. Until then, your creativity, emotional intelligence, and imagination will be in high demand.

4. It will create new jobs

More AI means an increased need for manufacturing and maintenance. Our world is becoming increasingly digital. This means there will be an increased need for people who can programme, build, maintain, and repair hardware and software. The IT field is already rapidly growing. The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the need for remote working solutions. With it has come a need for Developers, Technicians, and other IT Professionals. As more of our lives move online, these sectors will continue to grow. This will also mean a boom in the need for Industrial Designers, Manufacturing Specialists, and even Real Estate Professionals (for server storage).

5. It will provide you with a world of new opportunities

Working for a company based in a foreign country used to mean having to physically relocating to that country. With AI driving digital globalisation, there are opportunities to apply for roles at companies far beyond your current location. And often, this work doesn’t involve you having to travel further than your home office. Many companies seek out workers in different time zones. This allows them to operate 24 hours without forcing their employees to work the strange shifts that might otherwise happen if everyone is from the same location. As AI speeds up the way our digital world runs, your chance of finding work – even work not based where you’re from – is hugely increased.

While there are many scaremongering facts about how AI is going to affect the availability of jobs, there are so many new opportunities available because of it. By thinking outside the box (as we humans are so good at doing) you can find yourself with a world of unique, exciting, and safe opportunities at your fingertips. The future is exciting.

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