5 ways to attract top talent (and keep it)

5 ways to attract top talent (and keep it)

We know as well as you that sourcing takes time. In fact, we created a whole AI Sourcing Tool because of how well we know it. That’s why when it comes to hiring, it’s important to have people come to you as much as possible and hold onto them when they do. Want to know how to attract top talent to your business? We have five simple tips:

1. Attract top talent with a great company culture

According to LinkedIn 70% of professionals wouldn’t work for a company with a bad workplace culture. The current generation of workers is incredibly savvy when it comes to spotting an unfair and unproductive work environment. If you want the edge in attracting and keeping amazing talent, make sure that you’re creating an environment that values your employees. Encourage a healthy work/life balance, with strict afterhours no-contact policies if necessary. Offer opportunities to work remotely where possible and allow time for important or unavoidable personal errands. Provide opportunities for employees to present concerns or suggestions and listen to them. The more trust there is between you and your employees, the more cohesive and attractive your company culture will be.

2. Provide growth opportunities

One of the top reasons people leave their current companies is that there are no opportunities for growth. In fact, according to CareerAddict.com, 82% of people surveyed cite the lack of growth opportunities as the reason they would quit their job. As much as you want your business to grow, your employees want to grow their careers. The best way to do both is to provide opportunities for your employees so that they grow with your business. Constantly bringing in new people in leadership roles hinders the speed of your progress as each one needs to learn the company culture and systems from scratch. It’s far easier to build momentum and keep to the roadmap if the people who’ve been on the journey with you start taking leadership roles.

Identify how you can help your employees to achieve their career goals. If candidates see that you’re a company that’s loyal to its employees and value their goals too, you become a very attractive company to work for.

3. Attract top talent by focusing on diversity

Diversity is an incredibly important to today’s workforce. Glassdoor reports that around 76% of workers claim that the diversity of a company’s workforce is an important factor when deciding whether or not to work for them. This doesn’t mean going out and only hiring workers who fall into minorities right away, but it does mean you may have to evaluate factors such as:

  • How much hiring bias factors into your choices of who to employ and how to counteract this
  • How accessible your workplace is
    • Are your offices inaccessible for people with certain disabilities?
    • Are you willing to make accommodations for workers who need specialised equipment, adjusted systems, or sensory aids like noise-cancelling headphones?
    • Are you educating yourself on the various disabilities, chronic illnesses, or mental illnesses your employees struggle with and how best to help them?
  • How much you are listening to and learning from employees in minority groups
  • How effective your anti-bullying, anti-harassment, and anti-discrimination policies are

It’s work, but it’s work that’s worth it if it means creating a safe, productive environment for every employee. It not only shows your current employees that they are valued, but also shows the candidates you’re hoping to attract that they will also be valued.

4. Attract top talent with a winning job advert

The first introduction many people have to your company is a good job advert. A creative and informative run down of what the job entails is an easy way to attract top talent. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Start with a clear job title
    • You may call it a “Wizard of Technological Affairs” in your office, but stick to the job titles most used for that role. People don’t know what a “Wizard of Technological Affairs” is, but they do know what a Senior IT Technician is. The simpler you keep it, the more responses you’ll get.
  • Provide a brief description of your company
    • You don’t even have to list the name if you’re using a job portal, but make sure that the candidates know the kind of industry they’ll be working in. Pharmaceutical sales and car sales strategies are very different. By providing an idea of what your company does, you’re more likely to find people who are looking for a company like yours.
  • Provide key information
    • Make sure that you’re providing a list of expected duties and responsibilities, the qualifications and skills required, and list any relevant information the candidate might need like salary, benefits, and working hours.
  • Keep it neutral
    • Make sure that your job description doesn’t include biased language, making sure that it is open to anyone who would like to apply.
  • Use keywords
    • Make sure that you’re including key words in your advert. If you’re advertising for a Finance Manager, make sure you’re using words relevant to that role (financial management, budgeting, finance strategy, etc.). This boosts your chances of being found via search engines.

5. Create an entrepreneurial company culture

One of the best things you can do for your business is to create an entrepreneurial culture. People are full of good ideas, but rarely have the opportunity to put those ideas into action. By creating these opportunities, you create a work environment that encourages creativity. Google is a great example of this. They allow their employees to spend 20% of their time pursuing their passion projects, even if they’re outside of the company’s core mission. While it may seem counterintuitive, some of Google’s biggest product offerings like Gmail and AdSense came from this strategy.

Allowing your employees time and space to try new things may lead to amazing breakthroughs for your company. It shows potential employees that this is a company that will value their ideas and allow them to innovate where they can.

In short

There’s no shortage of things you can do to attract top talent. At the end of the day, it comes down to keeping your finger on the pulse of current culture, understanding your employees and their needs, and being willing to adapt as needed.

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