Five Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Software

Five Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Software

Recruiting the best, recruiting fast and recruiting while remaining in budget are all 3 key KPI’s any good People/HR team has in their goal forms. Improve the way you recruit to ensure you recruit from a wider talent pool (to ensure you do find the best). While speeding up the recruiting process by using automation (adding people to the problem isn’t a solution). While playing balance the scales is not easy for any Recruiting Leader, so why not find five ways to improve your recruitment software to meet and rock those KPI’s!

Number 1 way to Improve your Recruitment Software – Get an ATS

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System (or awesome time saver in our world). This recruitment software works like a CRM system, only for the People Team! It helps you save all your candidates, all the jobs, it should help you automate lots of tedious processes like candidate consent (required for POPIA or GDPR) and reports, stats, and dashboards to show where you are. Let’s be real here, you won’t be at the company forever so a great system will help with any handovers or orientation for new team members.

Number 2 way to Improve your Recruitment Software – Add video interviews

Yes, more ‘zoom’ type calls are creating a culture of ‘I must put time in my calendar so I can go to the loo’! Change that and add video interviews to your repertoire of recruitment software. This software helps to see which candidates are really interested and gives you a faster way to check body language, fit, accent and their ability to sell themselves or their skills. A time saver of note!

Number 3 way to Improve your Recruitment Software – Add automated Background Checks

Background checks are critical to close off the placement, but often delay the process to the point where you may lose the candidate. They are a bit like when you go to a restaurant and have an amazing time, but when you want to pay the bill, you cannot find the waiter! Change this by having a system that is automated, so when a candidate is shortlisted, references are already requested (which is often the part that takes the longest). Ensure you have a system that by the click of a button you can get checks in seconds!!!

Number 4 way to Improve your Recruitment Software – Add AI

Yes AI, Artificial Intelligence is scary, but we already use it in our daily lives from Netflix, your smartphone, Facebook … even when you unlock your phone! Artificial Intelligence in recruiting can take millions of candidates and shortlist them for you down to a manageable number. Saving you hours of searching through profiles and CVs!

Number 5 way to Improve your Recruitment Software – Add Dispersed Job Advertising

I know when I was a candidate, I only searched 2 – 3 job websites for jobs. So, what if your perfect candidate is only looking at 1 website, while you are only advertising on another 1? Ensure you reach the right audience by using recruitment software that disperses your job onto multiple websites. I know the next answer is but then I will get hundreds of more applications that are not suitable. Wrong use the method above with AI and AI will screen for you! Easy, wider audience, but better results.

We hope the above list of five ways to improve your recruitment software helps. Should you need to review some of these systems we give you a list below: