9 Whys and Hows of Job-Seeking Through December

9 Whys and Hows of Job-Seeking Through December

A lot of business slows down in December, but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking for your dream job through this time. There are many benefits to keeping up with your job search over December and it’s the perfect time to set up a great job-seeking strategy. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t stop looking and how to conduct an effective holiday job search.


1. Hiring happens all year

While many companies slow down over this time, there are many companies that continue as normal. Many companies still have hiring budgets to spend before the year ends and are looking to reach their employment targets. Employees also often wait until after they get their annual bonuses to resign, so many companies are frantically looking for replacements this time of year.

2. You have less competition

Many job seekers stop looking over the holidays which means that there are fewer people applying for the roles being advertised. This means that your application has a better chance of being noticed and you have a better chance of being invited for interviews.

3. Temporary positions could become permanent

Even if you have only been hired to assist in a temporary role over the holiday season, if you prove yourself a valuable employee, there is every possibility you could be offered a permanent role. And if not, you take on new skills and lessons from any role you fill, so you are enriching your CV.

4. You showcase your drive and work ethic

Companies want to hit the ground running in the new year. By showing that you are ready and willing to go as soon as possible – even first thing in January – proves that you are a hard worker and will be a dedicated and passionate employee.


1. Don’t be afraid to take on temp work

Some companies are short-staffed over this time and hire temp workers to bridge the gap. Even if you are looking for permanent work, it’s a great way to prove yourself to a potential employer and show that you would be an asset to their team in the long term.

2.  Send season’s greetings

The December holidays are a great excuse to reach out to valuable connections. Send best wishes to recruiters and interviewers you have worked with before take the opportunity to outline your availability for any roles they may have available. At worst, you have broken the ice and sent a kind message, at best they may have a role you would be perfect for.

3. Brainstorm a job-seeking strategy

Outline your career goals, the industries you’d like to work for, and then research potential employers based on this. Look up recruitment agencies and see the roles they have available. Apply for everything that ticks the boxes you’ve outlined. If the recruiter has a place to send applications for future consideration, submit your CV there too. At Job Crystal, it’s quick and easy to sign up as a candidate. Simply visit our candidate registration page, fill in the short form, upload your CV, and gain access to thousands of SMEs looking for their newest hire.

4. Upskill and update

Take the time over the December break to learn new skills. These can be new systems, programmes, or anything else you could think of that would help you in future roles. Also take this time to make sure that your online presence is professional and reflects the values you want to share with the public. Apart from your social media profiles being a valuable networking tool, most employers and recruiters carry out background checks that include looking into your online presence. Ensuring that you’re professional and marketable online gives you your best shot at getting hired.

5. Work on your CV

If you haven’t updated your CV in a while, this is a great time to do it. Make sure that you include an up-to-date record of your current and previous employment and all your marketable skills, and that the design and layout is easy to read and noticeable.

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Wishing you a safe and happy festive season, and the best of luck on your job search.