Can You Really Find Someone for Any Job in 24 Hours?

Can You Really Find Someone for Any Job in 24 Hours?

Often companies realize a need for a staff member at the last minute, being they need to literally start tomorrow. So, the question begs ‘Can you really find someone for any job in 24 hours?’. In our world of recruitment, you can always find someone, the question is if they are available and interested. What has made finding someone in 24 hours easier is the new AI recruitment technology out there – help is not too far away.

If you must find someone in 24 hours here are some ways, with advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Use a Recruitment Agency

Why a recruiter? As they have thousands of candidates on their books – available and ready! So this would be your fastest way to find someone who is currently available. The advantage they have people, disadvantage it can be expensive.

2. Search LinkedIn

The great thing about is that the website holds millions of people all around the world. The problem is that often the talent is found, but either not interested or very difficult to get hold of. Advantage millions of people, the disadvantage they not all available or interested.

3. Look into Job Portals

Job Portals such as or have candidates who have uploaded their CVs onto their base for you to search. Problem is that you often must sign up for a 12-month subscription. Many recruiters (see point 1) have access to these portals so you may save yourself some money here. Advantage, available candidates that you can access, the disadvantage you must sign up for 12 months.

4. Ask your network

During these strange times, so many people have been retrenched or still working on half time or half pay. Reach out to your network on a What’s App broadcast list asking if anyone knows of anyone looking or put it on your social media. It is amazing to see how networks work when trying to help people find jobs. Advantage cost-free, the disadvantage is, a person who is referred to you may be someone you know you cannot work with or wouldn’t want to, and difficult to decline a friend.

5. Use AI

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a machine that works and learns in a similar way humans do but can work a whole lot faster. Why is this a good thing? AI can search through 7 billion people and find you exactly what you need in seconds! That sounds like a great idea! If you are worried that using AI will take people out of work, studies show that 133 million new jobs will be created by AI (more than double the jobs that are displaced). is finalizing a new AI tool that will do exactly this so watch this space. There are some other AI tools but mostly international like and Advantage, time, and speed are on your side with AI, disadvantage access to tools in South Africa are limited, so international tools are expensive.

If you need to find someone in 24 hours it is achievable, I have done it numerous times. But hear my story here à on what happened when I hired someone in hours and found out about their criminal background. Ensure you do the background checks first, these can often be finalized in an hour à (if you need to purchase a background check fast and accurately). As we say be Crystal Clear in who you hire! Happy recruiting!