How I Landed My Dream Job

How I Landed My Dream Job

Finding a dream job can be a daunting task, especially in today’s competitive job market. However, it is not impossible.

It takes a whole lot of time – yes finding a job in itself is a job! Determination and a never give up attitude!

I am going to show you how I landed my dream job in just weeks and hope it helps you land your dream job!

1st – Start where you want to end (dream job).

I was retrenched, desperate, and applying everywhere (later I would learn this is called ‘spray and pray’). The problem here is that I was applying for anything I could ‘sort-of’ do – never mind something I would want to do – and yes there is a difference when you are unemployed.

When I finally found some head space and found applying for hundreds of jobs, getting no responses, was more demotivating than trying to parallel park in a crowded street with a car full of clowns! Frustrating and demotivating to say the least!

I decided to focus and decide exactly what I was looking for, draw what the company looked like, the job, the day, my colleagues – I even drew what was desk would look like.

2nd – Learn a new job search skill (for dream job).

This is probably the whole point of this blog – SO READ HERE! Learning to do Boolean searches was what changed my job search! A Boolean search is a way to search the internet – but more focused.

Example if I search for ‘find me a job in cape town’ I get 97 million results! (lots of jobs, lots of time and lots of parallel parking!)

Now if I enter exactly this in the search bar à JOB AND “CAPE TOWN” – I get 99 results. More focused.

Even better if I gave some options on area AND industry AND skill, I entered exactly this à JOB AND (“CAPE TOWN” OR “CENTURY CITY” OR DURBANVILLE) AND IT AND SALES. Even more focused and now 58 results.

Why not let searching for a job teach you something new?

3rd – Add some colour.

While I was applying for jobs, I was sending my standard black and white CV in word out to hundreds of email addresses. Not realizing that I was not standing out amongst the 567 other applicants.

Suddenly when I added some colour to my CV, I started to get responses (I know something so small).

(Side note we did some research on what colour to add recently see here à

4th – Practice, practice, and practice

You know when you have an oral at school and you practice in front of the mirror, repeatedly! While that is what I did in order to answer the interview questions (cause yes, I received an interview request post the top 3 steps)!

I downloaded a range of “Common interview questions” and practiced my answers. They were still me answering just more clear, concise, and calm!

Try this website for common interview questions to practice –

5th – Thank you.

Post my interview I sent a thank you note to the Agency and asked them to send another email to their client to say thank you!

Post receiving my offer I was informed that the thank you note added a cherry on the top, and was a deciding factor in showing my diligence, gratitude and that I was a culture fit!

A recap, it’s the small things that count:

  1. Apply for what you want AND can do;
  2. Boolean search for a job;
  3. Add colour to your CV;
  4. Practice answering interview questions;
  5. Send a thank you;

Simple! Good luck!