Forget the Years of Experience, This Is How To Get Hired

Forget the Years of Experience, This Is How To Get Hired

Are you tired of hearing ‘you just do not have enough years of experience’? If these 9 words are beginning to frustrate you, let us show you how to get hired, regardless of the number of years of experience you hold currently.

While experience is often very high on employers lists, culture fit and hard work have their place on the same priority list! Here’s how to get hired.

1.    Check out the culture 1st  and then match to your CV

Go and read all you can on the business you would like to work for (or a job you have seen at a company you want to apply at). You can find all their details on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and look out for their posts and look at the profile. Read their website and Google them to see if there is any news out there about them. Research them on Glassdoor. Find their culture, find their values and if you match then ENSURE your CV matches them! Are they bright and loud? Then does your CV match? Are they funny? Is your CV funny? Match your personality to their culture and often the employer will read your CV as matching them 1st, rather than looking at your ‘years experience’.

2.    Your achievements stand out more than you think

Do you list your achievements/awards in your CV? If so, do you list them at the top? Your CV is your selling tool of you – why not start with what you have done brilliantly well! If you do not list them – why not? Employers want to hire people who are successful, achieve well and stand out from the rest! Make sure you stand out with your achievements!

3.    Let others speak for you!

Do you have a recommendation from someone? Do you have reviews on your LinkedIn about you? If not, request recommendations from others to get hired. Start your CV with what people say about you (keep it short and sweet and do not add the full reference letter)! If you have a one-liner from someone you have worked with before that is incredible – now is the time to start your CV with what ‘others say about you’! Work your magic by using other people’s words. Employers love to hire people well-recommended people.

Lastly … make sure you stand out

If you have all the above 3 points in and ready, now is the time to make an impression on the recruiter! Ensure you are polite, follow up kindly and thank them for their time. If you do get to the interview stage ALWAYS ensure you send a thank you letter after the interview to thank them for their time. Want to get through the door? Make sure your manners are helping.

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