How This Startup Is Using AI to Create a World Without Unemployment

How This Startup Is Using AI to Create a World Without Unemployment


What springs to mind when you hear “artificial intelligence” (aka AI)? It might make you think of anything as benign as the programming on your favourite video game, to something as insidious as a sci-fi movie about a robot uprising. Whatever your thoughts on this technology are, our world is becoming increasingly automated, and in many areas of our lives, artificial intelligence is impossible to escape. Whatever our feeling about it, AI is becoming the future of many areas of our life. So, we at Job Crystal thought why not use it to create a world without unemployment?

My job!!!!

The first scare tacit of AI is the thought that it will take away our jobs, but according to The World Economic Forum, AI-automated routine work will displace roughly 75 million jobs. However, as the demand for skills like emotional and technical intelligence increase, 133 million new jobs will be created.

The idea

A good few years’ back, we had an idea to create a machine that would automate finding candidates. We researched and could not find a product out there that did what we found took so long. Find candidates from all avenues/database/piles and pools. We found many systems out there, that looked at one database (usually your ATS) or they looked at the famous database, Or we found the system was a job board or a job portal (advertising roles or CVs like And that all AI recruitment tools didn’t investigate candidates who wanted to apply for a role not be on the database.


Having been retrenched a few times, we knew the candidate journey of searching for jobs was long, tedious and was all about recapturing your CV onto every website possible. Why couldn’t a system just look at a Job Description and match it to a CV? It could not be that hard?

6 years in the making

While our journey started 6 years ago, and with many ideas, creation, and investment in time, money and resource we had an idea! To create a machine, that would do exactly that – match a CV to a Job Description (or vice versa)! We found AI was a bit creepy and weird, so we created Crystal, a smart, fast and hard-working machine who could match any Job Description to 34 million people in minutes!

That clip

In a realm of a film, we would show you in minutes the hard work, challengers, having to find many AI companies to create this one tool, the searching or money and the delays … but would show this amazing yellow lady, with hair in code – that takes finding 10 candidates in minutes look like child’s play (it look a few years …).


You may ask how does Crystal create a world of unemployment? While if she can match any Job Description, to the right 10 candidates in minutes this would help all businesses (big and small) find talent quickly. Which would mean businesses would be able to grow and hire more … which would help end unemployment! Easy right? Not quite but like the realm in our movie we are hoping it shows some hard work, challenges, searching and finally making a very big dent in unemployment.

Join the vision

Should you be a company or talent or a one-man or one-women show join us at to help you find a job or a new team member while we all work together to create a world without unemployment!