5 Background Checks to do before you hire

5 Background Checks to do before you hire

Background checks are those checks that are done on a person or a business before a business relationship can begin. But not everyone does background checks, and many do not know which ones are best to use for different situations. Job Crystal has been around for 12 years, and we have learned a thing or two about background checks, background check suppliers, and timing. We hope to share our lessons to help you to start that new business relationship (hiring or investing) and save you time and money.

  1. Criminal Check – Number 1 Background Check

Criminal checks are crucial for business relationships (and probably personal relationships). Criminal checks can only be done when the person consents to have this check done – so ensure you cover your basis before running a criminal check. Read my horror story on criminal checks https://jobcrystal.co.za/blog/my-horror-story-on-background-checks-before-hiring/ if you need to understand why you should do one before hiring someone.

What will criminal checks bring back? Anything from Driving under the influence; Covid violations like being out after curfew; Possession to Murder. It does only bring back criminal offenses that were charged, so not any criminal activity is still in process.

  1. Fraud Check – Number 2 Background Check

A fraud check is crucial if you are hiring someone who deals with finances, money, or specific business dealings. Most investors will run a fraud check on an individual before investing in their business directly. For hiring this is crucial for top managers who have signing power on bank accounts or payments.

What will a fraud check come back with? Any previous fraudulent activity that the individual was charged with, from forgery to a financial institution or bank violation.

3. Qualification Verification – Number 3 Background Check

Fraud is rampant in the education space, from matric certificates to degrees being fraudulent. If you require a specific role to have a degree or even a matric, ensure you do your checks and balances. A qualification check is great in that it checks with the institution if the person qualified there in the year as listed.

What will an education verification come back with? A response if the individual graduated from the institution. We often see a candidate list that they went to a particular educational institution, but many did not complete the course.

4. Drivers’ License Verification – Number 4 Background Check

We recently found that a candidate had lied about having a driver’s license and she was subsequently dismissed for lying on her application. If the job requires an individual to have a driver’s license (even if it is one trip a month), ensure you do this check! Your company’s brand name stands at risk if something happens while your employee is driving around for the company, without a license.

What will the driver’s license verification come back with? A response on if the license was received if it has been removed and what code it has been registered for (particularly important if the person needs to drive a trailer or larger vehicle).

5. Reference check – Crucial Background Check

Reference checks are when a previous employer or someone that knows the individual is contacted and asked several questions to double-check the information that the individual gave. This is a crucial Background Check! For example, if a candidate says they are brilliant in excel you can call a previous employer and ask what their excel skills were like.

What will the reference check come back with? This is the one check that will have the most detail, digging into a person’s history, character, developmental areas, and how they like to be managed … just to name a few. A crucial check!


5 background checks that are easy to do, and if you use the right supplier this can be done for you in minutes! Hiring the wrong individual or investing in the wrong individual can cost a fortune! Save yourself the headache, time, and money and do the checks. https://jobcrystal.co.za/background-checks.php runs these checks for you – fully automated, no need to register, and payment is completed through the trusted PayFast.