“I was placed in a month.” – Halima Rust

“I was placed in a month.” – Halima Rust

Our journey with Halima began in 2015 when we put her forward for a Technical Test Analyst Role at DOS.

“I was going through a hectic time in my life. My dad’s health wasn’t good at the time, I had just lost my mother, and the company I was working for announced that they would be closing. The Job Crystal team, and in particular Sasha, were amazing. They went so far as to come interview us at our offices and were so supportive every step of the way, always making sure that we knew what was happening and where we were in the recruitment process. I really got the sense that it was not about them just trying to make a placement – they genuinely care about their candidates. It felt like being taken care of by family.

“It was mid-July when the company announced that they were closing and by September I had been placed at DOS. I only have good things to say about the Job Crystal team.”

Since then, Halima has grown from career strength to career strength, moving from a Technical Test Analyst position at DOS into a Business Support Coordinator role just six months later, a Junior Product Owner role another six months later, then a Product Owner and finally a Senior Product Owner role. She is now working for Digiprocessing as a Relationship Account Manager Lead.

We are proud to have played a part in Halima’s career success and wish her all the best for her career to come.