Why you should ignore recruiters

Why you should ignore recruiters

Recruiters are everywhere ! Nowadays, large corporations have large recruiting teams to help grow their staff complement. Recruitment companies are still popping up everywhere, due to low barriers to entry. And large corporations are now Recruiters, think of the likes of the Kelly Group, Offerzen, and Careers24. With so many recruiters, internationally and not just in South Africa, how and why should you ignore them?

Ignore recruiters

Ignore recruiters if you never see yourself needing their help or another job. We have all been comfortable in our job, with great salaries, and a growth trajectory. And then suddenly, the business loses their biggest client, or the international investor pulls out … suddenly our job is not as secure as we believed. Or a pandemic arrives (imagine that ever happening?)

Need a surgeon?

Recruiters are like heart surgeons; we only look for them when we are in trouble! When we get to that stage of feeling insecure or your new boss just does not get you like the last one did – who can you turn to?

Always have a great recruiter in your pocket, if you do not have one yet ask around. There are horror stories of recruiters and then there are those stories that give you goosebumps. Choose the one that is referred!

Memory anyone?

We have a member in our team who can remember just with a name and surname, how the candidate was interviewed and their track record. She has an amazing memory! While many of us do not quite have this ability, we remember the outstanding candidates and the ones to stay away from. Did you know most recruiters have a blacklist? Stay in the good books of recruiters, you never know when you will need a new job (we have all been surprised), a new company, or some advice.


Many companies nowadays have exclusive relationships with recruiters. If you desperately want to work for a specific company, it would be best to have a great relationship with that recruiter! Possibly have more than 1 in your pocket. A good one to have www.jobcrystal.co.za

Human anyone?

While the pandemic may have brought some bad memories, it did bring to treat everyone well. Recruiters like you and I, are human, with feelings and a whole bunch of passion for helping you find a job. You would be surprised to hear how many recruiters work long hours to try and find just that one candidate for their ideal job!

So yes, ignore recruiters, only if you never need another job, if you never see yourself immigrating (yes our SA recruiters are now working for international brands), if you never need an increase (yes they help with that too), or never need to grow!

Should a recruiter contact you, and its not right timing, a ‘not now’ but thanks will work wonders for when you do need some help growing your career or finding a new job.