Is raising a child very different to raising a business?

Is raising a child very different to raising a business?

With the month where we get to be very grateful to the mothers who raised us, we thought we would share some comparisons when raising a business. At first look it seems very different but then when you get into the details – they are just different children.

1.    Start-ups and babies are not very different

When you start a company, it acts like a human baby. You need to give it 24/7 attention, you are tired (but manage to keep going) and each lesson seems like a HUGE step.

2.    It takes a village

It most definitely takes a village to raise a child. When you think about it is also takes a village to raise a business. A business does not grow unless it has a team around it, suppliers, partners, coaches, and a whole lot of hand holding.

3.    Questioning if you are doing this right?

As moms (and parents) we often question if we are raising our children the right way? Same with business, as owners we continually question ourselves if we have done the right thing, at the right time with the right team.

4.    Sleepless nights

Just like a child you get more sleep as the child grows, but when the child is sick you get less sleep. Same with a business, when you first start out you are up most nights to get the business off the ground. As the business matures you get more sleep, but when the business goes through a crisis – yes you guessed it less sleep for the parents (aka owners)!

5.    Raising for independence

As you raise your child you find you get more time for yourself, they learn to play on their own, play dates, then sleep overs and before you know it, they move out. Same with a business, the more mature the business grows the more you are willing to give it to your team to manage so you can finally have a holiday!

The one crucial difference between raising a child vs raising a business must be the exit strategy! While some owners’ strategy is to sell the business, many is to keep it in the family … so maybe for some businesses that remain in the family – not so different?

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