7 Ways to Use Job Portals to get Hired!

7 Ways to Use Job Portals to get Hired!

Job Portals are great to help you find a job! They are world-wide and allow you to create a profile, search for jobs, upload your CV, create your CV and best of all allow you to show your skills to the clients on the Job Portal. In short Job Portals help you find a job – now how to use them to your advantage:

1.    Keep the Job Portals updated

A job portal only works with the information you give it, so ensure you add all your experience, education (even short courses), your achievements and make sure you have all your correct contact details.

2.    Add job alerts

Every job portal has a job alert. This allows you to add in what type of job and area you would like to work and as soon as a job like this is added it notifies you. These are critical as the ideal job is not always there on day 1 in your search.

3.    Check your worth

Job portals have scores of data knowing what other people earn and what jobs are offering. With this data they can show you where you fall into the scale of salaries. Check them out here is one à https://jobcrystal.co.za/salary-benchmark.php (and they are free!)

4.    People find you

Exactly what you want! You want to upload your details once and people (like HR Managers) to find you. That is exactly what a job portal can do, but only if you cover point 1 – keep the information updated.

5.    Quality over quantity

Ensure that what you add is true and written well. Companies who search job portals want to find candidates and then check attention to detail, quality of the information and the information you added. Use Grammarly if needed to check your grammar and spelling.

6.    Which Job Portals

There are many job portals in the world, specifically for South Africa here are a few you can use:







https://jobjack.co.za/ (entry level jobs)

https://www.offerzen.com/ (IT jobs)

7.    Its takes time

Many job portals require you to re-type your full CV which can be time consuming and frustrating so pick the easy ones like https://jobcrystal.co.za/ – they don’t require you to re-type, and then pick two more. And ensure you always have a https://www.linkedin.com/ profile that is the same as your profile.

We wish you all the best in your job search and hope these 7 tips and tricks help you find your dream job easily.