Outsourcing your hiring to tech

Outsourcing your hiring to tech

Hiring one person can take 33 continuous hours! Now I do not know about you, but I do not have 33 hours to spare. How do we hire the best, but in the shortest amount of time? Do you outsource your hiring to tech?

Technology has created hours of saving in numerous industries, think Waze in saving you time in finding a place and not having to search through a map book. Think of Outlook that saved you from making a long telephone call. Think Zoom that has saved hours and petrol in not having to have in-person meetings! Can technology do the same for hiring?

I have hired in several ways over the years, from my network to job advertisements to using Recruitment Agencies. But when you add new technology like AI (Artificial Intelligence) – even though it can sound quite sci-fi – statistics are showing you can cut 24 hours of that continuous recruitment from the 33! Would it not make sense to outsource hiring to tech?

The question begs for answering, what type of outsourcing can you do for your hiring needs and where do you find it?

1.    Creation of Job Description look at JobDescription.ai

Need to create a Job Description and need some help, look at JobDescription.ai. In their words:

 ‘You are not alone! In a recent report by Zoek, 50% of UK companies admitted that they copy/paste job descriptions from the internet. This results in inheriting all the issues from other job descriptions like the unconscious gender-coded language, typos, and grammar style.’

2.    Sourcing (aka finding) talent look at JobCrystal.ai

Need to look for talent from a range of sources like an active base, or passive, and to screen applications, look no further than JobCrystal.ai. In their words:

 ‘Job Crystal’s mission is to search and find the perfect talent match for your business – faster, smarter and at the click of a mouse.’

3.    Job Advertising at Indeed

With the biggest Job Board in the world, they are bigger and better due to their advertising and the size of their database. Many employers can also post for free so a possible option for those limited in budget. In their words:

‘Indeed is the #1 job site in the world1 with over 250M unique visitors every month. Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, we connect millions of people to new opportunities.’

4.    Video Interviews look at Wamly.io

Video interviews are the new HUGE time saver in recruiting. Imagine having all your shortlisted candidates complete a 5-minute video interview answering the same questions. You and your team can watch the video in your time and make a quicker decision on who moves to the next steps. In their words:

Streamline your hiring process. No need to be in the same room with your team to see or discuss candidates, do it all online within Wamly and in your own time.’

5.    Background checks look at CrystalClear

Completing checks on a potential employee can save you LOTS of money, never mind the months it can save. The old-school way of doing checks was to sign up with a supplier, wait for the contracts, read 18 pages of T&Cs, and buy credits …. No longer. You can go to CrystalClear, choose the checks you want, pay using PayFast and you receive the majority of the checks in seconds! In their words:

‘Basic background checks are important to make sure applicants are all they are claiming to be. I’ll look into their education, whether they have a valid driver’s licence, or – gasp! – a criminal record. So I’m a bit like Santa, who always knows who’s been naughty and who’s been nice.’

Get some hours back and use some tech on your next hire. It is easy to use and will save you countless hours!