Save 24 hours with a Recruitment System?

Save 24 hours with a Recruitment System?

Recruiting one person for one job can take on average 33 continuous hours. Recruitment timed from creating the Job Description, includes advertising the job, screening applications, sourcing candidates from different places and ways. Following these steps it includes interviewing, completing background checks, and finally making an offer to the candidate.

What if one system could replace 24 hours of these 33?

Job Crystal designed, built, and launched, a revolutionary AI machine – that literally saves you 24 hours of the recruiting process! The system, called Crystal (and yes, she is girl … think Alexia and Suri’s family) uses a range of technology to find candidates from different pools.

1st Pool of Candidates

The first pool being the active one – where candidates are available and looking for new jobs. She matches Job Descriptions to CVs – super clever!

2nd Pool of Candidates

Crystal then goes to look at 42 pools for Passive talent – that being talent available online that is not necessarily looking for a job, but they match the Job Description. Up to you to entice the candidate on your job.

3rd Pool of Candidates

Lastly while she advertises the role, she screens all applications and ONLY shows you the applications that match the Job Description. This part saves you so many hours we don’t know why no one created this years ago!

Cost effective

Crystal is a revolutionary product that works in a clever and fast way to ensure you recruit faster, better AND while matching any budget. The ideal pricing of this product is that it charges per-job and not monthly! Meaning you are not locked into months of subscriptions, or into high prices for advertising like some global network platform.

Saves candidate’s time

The products genius method is to match Job Description to CV meaning business does not need to filter, key word search, or do funny Boolean searches. AND Crystal saves the candidates time by them not needing to retype their CVs into the platform – just upload what they have and they are done. Thereby saving everyone time!

Even better you can do background checks on the same platform – all fully automated and saving you time and money! Click.Connect.reCruit.

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