Why no one replies to your job applications.

Why no one replies to your job applications.

2021 has arrived and you have started to search for a new job (or you were affected badly by COVID-19 and retrenched and need a job). You start your job search on www.google.com, www.linkedin.com, www.CareerJunction.co.za, www.PNET.co.za, www.Careers24.co.za, www.Indeed.com, www.Gumtree.co.za. You find great roles; you submit your application via the website or by email and then ……. (cricket sounds) …. Nothing ….

Do not take it personally it happens to everyone that applies. Why did you not get a reply for the job that you are perfect for?

Here are some reasons why you did not get a reply:

  1. The Job Advert was not real

An awful practice, but it is known that companies will create a job advert to create a database of applicants for a job that is coming in the future. The job will exist but just does not yet exist.

  • The recruiter has not seen your application

The same old excuse that recruiters receive 100’s of applications a day, they really do. And often a recruiter is working 4 – 8 roles and depending on which one is priority, that would be the one first screened. One suggested option here is to call the company OR send another follow up email asking for feedback.

  • The Job has been placed

Many aggregate sites, like indeed and Adzuna, take all the job adverts out there and have them on their website. It makes searching for a job easier but has the problem that it often shows old jobs. Some jobs are 6 months old (meaning they placed 6 months ago) are still available on the internet.

  • Your application did not stand out

The other very possible reason is that the job was real, not placed yet and 800 applications were received. The recruiter had time to review, but your CV did not standout. To make your CV stand out, ensure it is accurate, short, to the point, and looks different (add colour and if possible, get it professionally done).

  • You have been shortlisted, but no one has told you

The positive option is that it is sitting in a shortlist box some where and someone just has not told you. Or often we find the applicant forgot to add their email and phone number on the application! Best option to give the company a call or send an email requesting feedback.

As you can see often not receiving a reply on your application has nothing to do with you personally.

Best 3 tips I can give you to get a reply:

  1. Ensure your application is professional and your CV stands out (think colour, same font, all lines aligned, reasons for leaving, stick to format of personal details (ensure your email and phone number is there) –> education –> work experience) – CV revamp services like Job Crystal have starting at R300 for a resume (www.jobcrystal.co.za/rates)
  2. Call/email to follow up on your application – if you want the job ensure you sound like you want it
  3. Check the dates of the jobs posted (if it was posted 3 months ago it has probably already placed)

Here is to successful job application in 2021!!!

“Dream big. Start small. Begin now” – Robin Sharma