Your Job Search: 3 Ways AI is Making it Easier

Your Job Search: 3 Ways AI is Making it Easier

AI (Artificial Intelligence) can sound intimidating, but it’s part of our everyday lives – in the video games we play, the algorithms that run our social media sites, and in many of the financial services we use daily. It’s also helping change the way recruiters source candidates. Here are 3 ways AI is making your job search easier.

1. Helps connect you to ideal roles on your job search

Your job search doesn’t have to involve applying for as many roles as possible. AI tools such as JobSeer help by scanning the web for only the most relevant jobs for you. This saves you the time that you would otherwise have to spend on scrolling through hundreds of jobs on various job boards. It also means that you’re not wasting your time by applying to roles that are less than ideal.

Other recruiters make use of tools like automated chat bots – asking initial questions that will help you gauge if you are right for the job in a matter of minutes. It saves time that you would have to take out of your day for a screening interview, and helps you suss out if you want to pursue the role further.

Recruiters who use AI to speed up the recruitment process have more time to work on more roles. This means an increase in the number of roles available on the market, and even more of a chance that you’ll find your dream role.

2. Reduces hiring bias on your job search

As human beings we unfortunately all have inherent biases. These can be anything from things as simple as having previous bad experiences with someone with the same name, to full-blown prejudices. While recruiters should always be working to recognise and stamp down on these biases, in the meantime AI helps keep the process honest.

Where a person might make instinctual judgements based on appearance, word choice, or personal details on a CV, AI takes only the plain data and matches it to the requirements of the role. This means that you have a fighting chance to land roles that you otherwise might not have been considered for, for superficial and unfair reasons.

Of course, this technology is not always perfect. Our inherent human biases mean that sometimes we accidentally teach these to our AI tools. As we keep recognising these and correcting for them, AI will become increasingly fairer and more impartial.

3. Your dream role might find you (without having to job search)

Imagine a world where your dream role lands right in your inbox. Well, you’re living in it! AI tools like Crystal scan the web for potential candidates and provide the recruiter with 10 candidates that are an ideal match for the role.

This means that even if you’re not on the job market, or aren’t actively looking for work, you could still land your dream role without even having to look for it yourself.


However you feel about AI, as the world keeps moving faster and faster it’s here to stay. We don’t think that it’s anything to be worried about – in fact, we think that leaning into the future is the key to helping as many people as possible find their dream roles.

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