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South Africa, Gauteng
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R25000 - R35000 Per Month
Area: South Africa, Gauteng
Sector: All
Posted: 19 June 2024

Job Details

We are seeking a driven and talented Analyst with a keen interest for AI and predictive languages to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will play a pivotal role in utilizing data-driven insights to provide solutions to in the healthcare actuarial landscape, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning. This individual must be trustworthy, detail orientated, and fit into our dynamic and energetic organisational culture.

Location: Johannesburg

Job responsibilities:

Data Analysis and Interpretation:
• Analysis of complex data sets to derive actionable insights.
• Development and maintenance of statistical models and algorithms for actuarial assessments
• Use of predictive modelling techniques to forecasting, costing and risk management.

AI Integration:
• Explore and integrate artificial intelligence technologies to enhance actuarial processes.
• Collaborate with data scientists and engineers to develop AI-driven solutions for healthcare analytics.
• Implement machine learning models to improve risk assessment and decision support.

Actuarial Expertise:
• Assessment and analysis healthcare provider data.
• Evaluate pricing strategies, reserve requirements, and financial reporting.
• Collaboration to ensure accurate and sustainable pricing.

Regulatory Compliance:
• Stay up-to-date with healthcare and actuarial industries regulations and standards.
• Ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations in healthcare and actuarial practices.

Reporting and Communication:
• Create comprehensive reports and presentations for internal and external stakeholders.
• Effectively communicate findings and recommendations to clients and team members.

Research and Innovation:
• Staying informed about the latest trends and developments in healthcare and actuarial space, AI, and predictive modelling.
• Contribute to research and development projects to advance our firm’s capabilities.

Ad hoc:
• Support senior resources with consulting projects, including product development strategic projects, and research
• Performance of actuarial valuations and calculations.
• Client engagement.
• Verification of data sources.

Required qualifications and skills:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Data Science, Computer Science or any related field. Advanced degrees and relevant certifications are a plus.
• A keen interest in AI and predictive modelling, with the ability to apply these technologies to actuarial processes.
• Strong analytical, mathematical/statistical, and problem-solving skills.
• Proficiency in statistical software, programming languages and machine learning applications (e.g., R, Python), and data manipulation tools (e.g., SQL).
• Experience in healthcare actuarial work or a related field is highly advantageous.
• Exceptional communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to present complex information to non-technical stakeholders.
• Regulatory compliance knowledge in the healthcare industry is a plus.
• Strong Organizational and Time Management Skills – The ideal candidate must have the ability to effectively manage multiple tasks, projects, and deadlines is crucial. You should be highly organized, capable of prioritizing work, and ensuring that projects are completed in a timely manner.
• Self-Starter and Detail-Oriented. The successful candidates must be a self-motivated individual who can work independently and take initiative. Attention to detail is essential, as accuracy is paramount in actuarial work.
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office. The ideal candidate must be proficiency in Microsoft Office products, particularly Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.