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South Africa, Gauteng
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Area: South Africa, Gauteng
Sector: Construction
Posted: 6 May 2024

Job Details

As the Community Relations & Economic Development (ED) Coordinator you will be responsible for implementing and monitoring TRACTIONEL’s community development and social empowerment initiatives, as well as drafting the company Enterprise and Socio-Economic Development deliverables and identifying beneficiaries. You will be the driving force behind maximizing the positive impact of TRACTIONEL’s projects on local communities and other key stakeholders.


Minimum Education                     A degree or equivalent in social science, public relations, business management, sustainable development or similar.

Additional Qualifications            Basic computer literacy (MS Suite and Google App Suite)

                                                   Driver’s License                                   


  • Minimum three years proven experience in liaising with stakeholder and maintaining good relations within local communities, preferably in townships and in rural communities.
  • In-depth knowledge of socio-economic and regulatory contexts in South Africa, with an appreciation of challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy sector.
  • Experience working with South African government bodies and understanding of local regulations.
  • Proven track record of implementing and understanding Contractor Participation Local Community Engagement Goals (CPG).
  • Experience as a Community Liaison, or doing Community Development, Social Impact Assessments or Environmental and Social Management Systems.



  • Ability to host community meetings and address conflicts within the host communities.
  • A keen eye for contractual details and compliance with obligations.


  • Excellent communication, negotiation, and stakeholder engagement abilities.
  • Ability to work alone (and with others), demonstrating initiative and self-driven learning.
  • Project management/highly organized approach to task management; in other words, follow a results-oriented method of working.
  • The ideal candidate will be passionate about the renewable energy industry and social impact and will embody respect and responsibility in the full sense of the word while enjoying contributing to a team of highly knowledgeable professionals.


Economic Development Coordination

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders and draft a Community Needs Analysis for communities impacted by TRACTIONEL projects.
  • Identify opportunities for local economic development, job creation and community development in alignment with TRACTIONEL’s Sustainable Development Strategy and Plan.
  • Conduct Stakeholder mapping for all affected communities to determine the impact, influence, and interest of stakeholders.
  • Cultivate and maintain strong relations with identified stakeholder groups and individuals, with due cognizance of their impact, to foster mutually beneficial corporate and community relationships.
  • Monitor the compliance by contracted Community Relations service providers with their contractual deliverables. Ensure that the Community Relations Service provider’s actions are aligned with the TRACTIONEL Sustainability Strategy and Plan.
  • Design, in collaboration with the Enterprise and Socio-Economic Development programs with a measurable impact, aimed at empowering local communities through skills development, entrepreneurship, education, health and capacity building, with a focus on diversity and inclusion.
  • Implement Enterprise and Socio-Economic Development programs, continually monitoring the impact.
  • Acquaint yourself with related TRACTIONEL obligations such as BBBEE compliance and keep yourself up to date with industry best practice. You are to stay up to date and current regarding sustainable development concepts, community dynamics and development needs in rural South Africa.
  • Establish and maintain comprehensive tracking and reporting mechanisms to measure the impact of TRACTIONEL’s sustainability and economic development initiatives. Submit monthly reports and provide periodic updates to the TRACTIONEL Steering Committee and corporate stakeholders.


  • Implement administrative and filing systems to record and keep records of monthly reports originating from ED Coordination and the CR Service provider.
  • Implement and maintain records of the Project/Program Impact measurement results.
  • Keep records of contractual details and compliance with obligations.
  • Give feedback on community initiatives across multiple projects and regions.

Interpersonal and Community Relations

    • Consult effectively with the Community, and other relevant stakeholders.
    • Initiate and maintain open lines of communication with local communities to build positive relationships.
    • Organize and facilitate community meetings to address concerns, provide updates, and gather feedback.
    • Develop strategies to promote community involvement and collaboration in projects.
    • Function as a liaison between the company and various stakeholders, including local government bodies, NGOs, and community leaders.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify shared goals and opportunities for mutual benefit.
    • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and respect for diversity when engaging with local communities.
    • Adapt communication strategies to align with the unique cultural contexts of different communities.
    • Identify and recommend external consultants and other service providers as required.
    • Monitor and supervise appointed consultants and service providers.
    • Maintain high standards of ethical conduct at all times.
    • Engage and develop strong relationships with diverse stakeholders.
    • Diffuse tense situations and resolve conflict.
    • Research and find solutions to complex and novel challenges, in partnership with various stakeholders.

Health and Safety

    • Cognisant of health and safety risks and priorities related to working in remote areas, on project sites and in community settings, as well as long-distance driving.

Key Performance Indicators

    • Assessment of effective implementation of committed funds for economic and community development initiatives, on time and within budget.
    • Demonstrated measurable beneficial impact in host communities and favourable community relations.
    • Completion of project and corporate reporting against agreed timelines and scope. Assessment of the time taken to address and resolve the community concerns or issues related to the project.
    • Evaluation of the efforts made to enhance the company’s image within the local community and the ability to demonstrate cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in community interactions.
    • Assessment of the contribution to local employment and economic development within the community.

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