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Control Room Operator

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Sector: Mining / Petroleum
Posted: 6 May 2024

Job Details



Monitor, operate and control the metallurgical processes on the Scada and CCTV System to ensure efficient processing and recovery of diamonds.



Monitor, operate and control the metallurgical processes on plant on Scada system

Conducted system operational check 

Conduct fault finding and decide on action to be taken.

Inform immediate supervisor of problem and action taken

Monitor CCTV cameras throughout the shift together with Scada system

Constantly monitor the Scada screen to timeously identify any early warnings.

Constantly monitor all sections and check for any deviations to minimize stoppages

Check all levels and settings on plant equipment to be within set rangeInterpret information from plant readings and determine required adjustments to maximise efficient production

Ensure quality conformance for the process plant and recovery

Assist with metallurgical test work to ensure the efficient processing and recovery of diamonds

Compliance with applicable statutory requirements and related Consulmet and Client policies/proceduresEnsure good housekeeping/ cleaningSubmit complete report at end of every shift.

Report to include production hours, delays, breakdowns, incidents, volumes produced, etc. Achieve set targets to plan – throughput and utilisationComply with safety, health, security and environmental standardsAccurate filing of all production reports/information and relevant documentationCollaborating with our diverse team to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Technical Skills:

Thorough knowledge of processing plants and DMS and Recovery circuits

Knowledge and understanding of metallurgical best practices and standardsUnderstanding of health, safety, and environmental regulations within the mining and processing sector

Basic Computer and MS Office skillsOperating of Scada and CCTV systemsCoaching skills