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Internal Sales

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Sector: Construction
Posted: 9 February 2024

Job Details

Our company is a fast growing disruptor looking for an Internal sales team member. This new team member will engage with high level decision makers within the International Trenchless pipe rehabilitation industry – this role will be on a business to business role. The candidate will need to learn an understanding of the long sales cycles of the higher value products and also the quicker short sales cycles of lower value products.

We require a tech savvy mature person who is fun and light hearted but at the same time serious when the situation requires. It is critical that she or he has the ability to learn our hi-tech evolving industry quickly. Must be fluent and efficient on Linked In, able to identify potential customers online.

Ability to search through Facebook and Linked In groups to market products to unique bespoke customers.

This is an opportunity for a sales person that has worked in an environment that has served the construction industry. 

It’s not essential but knowledge of the underground trenchless pipe repair industry would be very advantageous. The candidate will be communicating with civil engineering type companies that service mines, construction PowerStation’s and utilities related industries. 

The candidate will also be contacting contractors, municipalities, water departments, water boards, utility suppliers, engineers, managing agents, facility managers, mines and anyone repairing pipes. 

A large part of our business is supplying digital electronic surveying and condition assessment equipment to industry. We train our customers in the use of these hi-tech devices and would require the candidate to undergo an onboarding process to understand our industry.

We service sewer, storm water, gas, oil, effluent, processed fluids, industrial as well as potable water related companies as our main target markets.

Excellent computer skills and a passion for social media, with the ability to craft well written posts to potential leads.

Team work is critical with the ability to self-manage time, and able to handle rejection easily and not give up.

The candidate will need to be patient and consistent someone who is motivated by not only a basic salary but also good commissions and prepared to evolve as our growing company expands into the European market.

We are looking for two candidates one to assist our sales team in Sub Sahara Africa and one to work online with our European team. 

It would be advantageous for the candidate for our Sub-Saharan African region – to know the region well – and likewise for the European territory.

Interpersonal digital skills are key to the success of the candidate. Able to multitask and qualify leads. In 2024 we understand that candidates are able to work remotely as well as in our offices there are options for both work modes.

The salary will be above market related rates as we are expecting an above average high performing individual. 

Minimum 5 years’ experience in internal sales – 

Strong ability with both verbal and the written word. 

Good sense of humour is an added bonus.