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Customer Service Consultant

South Africa, Western Cape
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Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: Beauty and Health
Posted: 8 July 2024

Job Details

A dynamic, vibrant and growing cosmetics business is looking for a Customer Service Consultant to join their Call Centre team. 

The main role of the Customer Service Consultant is to play a pivotal role in enhancing member experience by acting as mentors and coaches to support and guide members through their business journey to get a clear understanding of the business and the challenges/incentives/goals. 


  • Serve as the link of communication between Members and internal teams by resolving any problems faced by Members and deal with complaints to maintain trust 
  • Respond to member inquiries promptly and professionally and provide accurate information about company products and business processes 
  • Ask members for Proofs of payment to confirm if members order have been paid or if they have been snagged 
  • Payment allocations: On Odoo – CRM – Deposit list – Filters (untick everything) – use reference on POP and find payment – once found copy link and send to Cash Specialist group 
  • Missing orders: Ask member which platform they used to send order.  Follow up with relevant department to check and confirm if the order is available.  If the incoming department have not received the order, send members details to an ICU consultant for them to follow up and assist 
  • Missing items on order: Check member’s original order and compare to what was processed.  If the order has missing items, create a ticket and escalate too aftersales.  Ticket to contain members contact details and full notes 
  • Registrations Query: Create a ticket and escalate to Registrations.  Ticket to contain members contact details and full notes. Follow up with the Consultant for an invoice number 
  • Members without collection pins: Explain to member the importance of following the collection process. 
  • Look on Odoo to see if SO has been processed.  Check delivery tab to confirm if order has been picked yet or if it is still with Data Capturing Team. If order has not been processed, then assign to a processor. Liaise with the relevant departments to get order picked, boxed and brought to collections 
  • Receive request from member that order needs to be exchanged  
  • Verify date of SO and ensure that it is within the 30day return policy  
  • Very if product to be exchanged is on the sales invoice   
  • Verify that member has enough funds to facilitate exchange 
  • Verify if products are being returned in sellable condition and are still on range 
  • Ensure members sales value is not affected by the exchange and ensure the value of PV’S remain the same, or more than the original PV 
    • Process the exchange on ODOO by: 
    • Log note on SO, confirming what products member would like to exchange, and give details of what product member would like to replace with  
    • Credit the original SO 
    • Credit to be loaded on sales file 
    • Create new SO by duplicating original SO  
    • Remove products that the member has returned and capture the products that the member now requires 
    • Print new invoice and add to sales file 
  • Gain full understanding of the company’s online system
  • Gain full understanding of the company’s Business, Business Guide, and various challenges as they are presented to our members 
  • Record keeping of all interactions with Members on the company system
  • Respond to Members queries relating to products in a professional manner 
  • Ad hoc: investigate and assist members with PV appeals to reach goals after month-end has cut off 


  • National Senior Certificate or equivalent 
  • 2 – 3 years’ experience in customer service, CRMs, or related field
  • Knowledge of CRM systems, first call resolution, and queries desk
  • Computer literacy (intermediate) 
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Strong coaching and mentoring abilities
  • Goal-oriented with a focus on achieving targets
  • Service Delivery and Member satisfaction should be your passion  
  • Must show commitment – the position requires flexibility 

Skills & Competencies: 

  • Leadership Skills 
    • Level 1 – Leader of Self:  
      • Attention to detail 
      • Precision and accuracy  
      • Focus and persistence 
      • Self-awareness – aware of own strengths, developmental areas, emotions, and behaviours; actively seeks feedback to improve and ensure own personal growth 
      • Self-starter – be able to drive self to make improvements in how the job gets done 
      • Time management 
      • Goal setting 
      • Communication Skills  

Core Competencies 

  • Adopting Practical Approaches: Applies practical skills when investigating issues; prefers to learn by doing; is practically minded and applies common sense 
  • Interacting with People: Is lively and projects enthusiasm; is talkative in making contact; is focused on interacting and networking with people 
  • Establishing Rapport: Builds rapport and puts people at ease; is engaging and welcomes people; finds it easy to make friends 
  • Empowering Individuals: Motivates individuals by empowering them; seeks to inspire people and groups; gives encouragement to others 
  • Conveying Self-Confidence: Is self-assured and projects inner confidence; is confident and determines own future; values own contributions 
  • Resolving Conflict: Is comfortable calming upset people; handles angry individuals well; is focused on resolving conflict and arguments
  • Thinking Positively: Is optimistic and positive; recovers easily from setbacks and obstructions; is jovial and projects cheerfulness 
  • Inviting Feedback: Is receptive to feedback and acknowledges criticism; open to critique and critical thinking; gathers feedback from others 
  • Understanding People: Shows empathy and compassion; attends and listens to people; is attentive and understands the motivation in others 
  • Valuing Individuals: Shows consideration towards others; tolerates the differences in people; values and trusts people 
  • Upholding Standards: Behaves ethically and justly; is discreet and maintains confidentiality; meets commitments by acting with integrity 
  • Pursuing Goals: Strives to achieve outstanding results; is ambitious and acts with determination; persists through difficulties to achieve results 
  • Showing Composure: Stays calm and relaxed during events; is not worried and tolerates stress levels; is composed in dealing with pressure 
  • Team Working: Works participatively with others; is democratic and encourages team contributions; collaboratively involves others in decision-making 
  • Meeting Timescales: Is target focused and meets deadlines; is punctual and keeps to schedule; is reliable in finishing tasks 
  • Checking Things: Is meticulous in finding errors; ensures accuracy by being thorough and checking details; produces high quality work by being detailed