Job Title

Group Business & Property Administrator

South Africa, Western Cape
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R20000 - R25000 Per Month
Area: South Africa, Western Cape
Sector: Accounting
Posted: 20 May 2024

Job Details

An equity group which holds investments in a group of businesses ranging from technology, transport infrastructure, telecoms and property is looking for a Group Business & Property Administrator, to oversee the administrative duties of the entire group, including its property portfolio, to oversee accounts payable and receivable, and conduct other tasks related to finance. This position needs an individual who excels at recording data, administration, and reporting to Group Company Accountant. 


  • Business and Property Administrative duties: 
    • Attend to calls and correspondence in timely manner, and while it is expected that work will occur during normal business hours, there may be occasion where the company requires assistance after such hours and so where necessary the employee shall be expected to address such matters even if after hours from time to time 
    • Fulfil all the business administrative duties of the Group businesses and Trusts 
    • Be responsible for preparing all legal related documents, and with specific reference to tenant leases, and capturing the information thereon, on the system 
    • For verification of the information of the lease details and ensuring the FICA and governance aspects of the tenant are in place 
    • For assisting in preparation of the property budgets under guidance of the property and or asset management team 
    • For ensuring processing of monthly service provision invoices, and ad hoc invoices in accordance with Company procedure 
    • To check property commission calculations 
    • For aiding with call tenants for outstanding accounts 
    • To engage with municipalities to ensure optimal rates and utilities accounts 
    • Be responsible for communication with all stakeholders and include tenant of the Group property portfolio. 
    • Without derogating from generality of aforegoing, to attend to property administration aspects inter alia 
      • the property administration of the Properties 
      • accounting, financial and secretarial services herein, to the Company as may relate to the administration for the Property Portfolio 
      • attending to the affairs of the Properties in such a fashion that they are managed in accordance with sound accounting and business practice, which shall include but not be limited to: 
        • expense release processes 
        • regulatory compliance and / or 
        • investment of surplus funds 
      • assisting with preparation of reports to the Company in respect of its functions and operations monthly and at such further or other times as may be reasonably required by the Company 
      • Keeping of relevant minutes, circulating of agendas and addressing correspondence and queries 
      • The screening of all new tenants and the negotiation of rentals, refurbishment allowances and other terms and conditions including tenant co-ordination and installation 
      • To aid with the preparation of renewals for existing leases at the date specified in such leases for renewal, or a reasonable period prior to their expiry if no date is provided for the renewal of any such lease 
      • the lease administration pertaining to the parking, retail and office premises at current open market rentals and in accordance with the material terms and conditions of the standard leases approved by the Company (hereinafter the “approved leases”) the drawing up of agreements of lease in accordance with the material terms and conditions of the approved leases including obtaining security therefore and attending to the signature thereof 
      • the inspection of premises after a tenant has vacated, before refunding any deposits 
      • co-ordinating the marketing of vacant areas, including advertising, liaising with other agents, ensuring vacant premises are in a good and attractive state of repair and showing the premises to prospective tenants 
      • It is acknowledged that the Company’s team shall ensure the retention of the appropriate leases in accordance with regulations 
      • To assist the building management team with the control, management, maintenance and repair of the Property to a high standard which is in line with other properties managed by the Service Provider and/or in accordance with specific instructions of the Company, and or in accordance with leases contained at such property 
      • Ensuring the good administration of Council accounts to ensure the continuous supply of all services to the Property, including but not limited to water, electricity, security, cleaning, sewerage or drainage, gardening services and general maintenance.  
      • Aid the proper supervision of all staff including caretakers, cleaning and security staff and monitoring of payment thereof 
      • To serve as the first port of call for rental collection, issuing of statements, application of charges and recoveries from tenants, payment to and from bank accounts of funds as required, payment of expenses as may apply, management of funds in accordance with approved budgets to ensure smooth operational efficiency 
      • To engage with accountants/ engage with the property system to submit reports detailed income and expenditure statement for the Property Portfolio reflecting the actual and budgeted amounts and the variances for both the current month and for the year to date 
      • To aid with provision of comprehensive reports on the letting of the Property, arrears, vacancies, repairs and maintenance (when appropriate), to compile such reports in conjunction with property asset management team 
      • To engage with the team in full fashion, where applicable to ensure the maintenance of full and comprehensive records and books of account for each property in the Property Portfolio of the Company reflecting all amounts received and expended 
      • the general administration of the affairs of the Company insofar as it relates to the Property Portfolio; and the provision of administration reports relating to the Property Portfolio  
  • HR: Staff related matters 
    • Group Compliance
  • Invoicing  
    • Creditors  
    • Debtors  
    • Cash Flows  
    • Management accounts  
    • Payroll  
    • Operations Project Cost   
  • SARS 
    • Managing Analyses of the financial position and performance, in conjunction with Group Bookkeeper / accountant 
    • Group Asset Management   
  • Payroll (SARS) 
    • Managing the payroll of the entire group after completion of proper training  
  • Personal assistant to Group CEO 
    • Complete instructions as given to you by the Group CEO and/or his designated representative from time to time 
    • Attend to trusts and company investment registers 
    • Communicate with related stakeholders and partners. 


  • Matric 
  • Some form of accountancy or bookkeeping certification – preliminary level 
  • Tertiary education is preferable