Red & Green Flags – How to Spot a Good Career Opportunity

Red & Green Flags – How to Spot a Good Career Opportunity

Recruitment and Talent Acquisition can be a challenging journey. It’s vital to remember that while employers are looking for the perfect fit for their organisations, you, as a job seeker, are also looking for the ideal company for your career. Toxic work environments can be disheartening, and it’s crucial to avoid them. According to a survey by Jobvite, a third of employees resign within their first 90 days at a new company, with 32% attributing their departure to company culture. For more stats on the current state of job seeking, check out our 2023 Trust Gap Report. To spot a good career opportunity, here are some red and green flags to look out for.

Red Flags – avoid potential employers if:

  1. They rely heavily on “buzzwords” in their job advertisements or discussions. Phrases like “fast-paced,” “innovative,” or “competitive salary” may indicate that there are underlying problems. Always conduct thorough research and watch out for words that may mean a stressful work environment.
  2. When you go for an interview, the current staff members appear unhappy, and you sense tension or a negative atmosphere in the workplace. The mood of existing employees can provide valuable insights.
  3. The expectations of the role are vague in the job description and interviews. Ambiguity may lead to potential exploitation or unrealistic workloads. Always seek clarification, and if you still don’t get a clear answer, give the opportunity a miss.
  4. Promises made during interviews don’t get written agreements. Always make sure verbal commitments are formalised to avoid future disputes.
  5. The company blurs the lines between work and personal life. Inquire about their work-life balance culture in interviews and investigate employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor for a thorough understanding.
  6. The potential employer asks inappropriate, over-personal, or offensive questions during interviews. These questions should always raise significant concerns.
  7. The hiring process feels rushed, possibly indicating high employee turnover. Investigate the reasons behind the urgency before committing to anything.

Green Flags – pursue potential employers if:

  1. There is clear communication and defined expectations, with benefits outlined in writing. This demonstrates a commitment to transparency and fairness.
  2. The company respects both your time and that of its employees, offering flexibility and work-from-home options.
  3. The company values align with your personal beliefs, especially if you see a shared commitment to more than just profit.
  4. They provide opportunities to gain experience in tools or technologies you’re eager to explore.
  5. They provide career development and training opportunities, with a clear path for growth and mentorship.
  6. The company boasts a track record of employee retention and may even see former employees returning. This indicates a positive work environment.


The hiring process involves a two-way evaluation. Just as companies assess you, you have the right to assess the companies you’re considering. Prioritise your happiness and well-being in your career journey and you’ll find your dream job at your dream company.

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